Team Turkey - 3!

Easy to install. New team, new units, new art and AI support.

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Team Turkey - 3!

Post by VonBruinwald »


version: release-20200503-teamturkey-alpha-3

1.0 Stable and tested on AI Skirmish, Lan and Direct IP - Needs custom icons.
2.0 Extra units and tweaks



Team turkey was my solution to address that burning itch of the soviets lacking a 3rd team.

Why Turkey? Although Turkey being a soviet country isn't historically accurate neither is Red Alert (Allied Hinds anyone?), and Russia did want Turkey allied with them during the Cold War for logistical reasons, which fits the teams theme.

But most importantly, their flag is red!

I've tried to keep balance as close to the original but wa-hey, what do you expect!



Turkey is the Soviets Vanguard team, they play like you would expect soviets to play and their unique tech consists of:

Recon Bike

Advanced Communications Centre
-------> Fwd. Command -------> Supply Drop
-------> GPS Satellite (High Tech only)

- The Recon Bike is good for hit and runs on the enemy base but otherwise delicate.
- The Adv. Comm allows you to build a Fwd. Comm anywhere on the map. The Fwd. Comm provides a small amount of buildable area and allows you to call in a supply drop consisting of a couple of healing crates and a field promotion.
- The Adv. Comm also provides GPS if you have a soviet tech centre.



- The Allies pill box can now house a 2nd man. The soviets get a Guard Tower (a 1-man pill box)
- The Allies get an A10 airstrike they can call in from off-map (requires dome/heli-pad), Soviet MIGs gets AA missiles.
- The Allies get Orcas, Soviets get Hinds. Orcas have long range AG missiles and can spot hidden units, Hinds can carry 1 man and attack ground units.
- The Soviets get Stavros, a Russian sniper who can shoot while cloaked and carries C4 (The allies already have Tanya).



Map Explored is now the default setting
AI is now supported (except for Stavros)
Everything has unique icons


--- Read the read-me or jump in blind ---


1) Copy the teamturkey folder into your ra folder, it should look something like this:
OpenRA -> mods -> ra -> teamturkey -> *.yaml's

2) Copy the "mods.yaml" file from the teamturkey folder, and replace the mods.yaml in the ra folder with it (remember to make a backup of your original mods.yaml file first).

Team Turkey Alpha 3
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Re: Team Turkey - 3!

Post by Ronald »

First impression (from playing a quick 1vrs1 on map Warwind as "Turkey" vrs England Rush-AI)

I loved having those good old CnC Units around:
1. Recon Bikes - for enemy harvester sniping and to counter-attack enemy artilleries.
2. Guard Towers for base defense -although I was missing that awesome CnC RaRaRaRaRatleing machine-gun sound on them.

3. Forward Command Post:
This is (strategic) game changer since one does not need build and move MCV anymore.
Ideal to create 1 or more little camp inside enemy base front yard.

Later this week I will play more 3 matches - as "Turkey" - against England (Normal-AI, Turtle-AI and Naval-AI).
I also will test the other way around: 4 matches as one of the Allies countries against all 4 Turkey AI-bots variants.

To be continued..

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Re: Team Turkey - 3!

Post by Ronald »

I've played the the other 1vrs1 matches and discovered a Greece Allied faction too?
Team_Turkey3_Extra_Greece_faction.jpg (123.71 KiB) Viewed 94 times
Is this correct? Does the TeamTurkey also have an extra Allied Greece Faction build into it?

I like the "Nuclear tipped" V2 unit on the new Greece Faction side.
Also having the Hind back at the Soviet side came in very handy.

Thanks for creating this nice mod VonBruinwald.

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Re: Team Turkey - 3!

Post by VonBruinwald »

Glad you're enjoying it Ronald.

Regarding the Fw. Comm centre, yeah, it's a game changer. Currently experimenting with putting it on a leash so you can still build it outside your usual build radius but not quite the other side of the map... it's a tricky thing to balance.

As for Greece, they're my dumping ground for new units, left them in as a bonus this time. That Nuclear V2 is just a bit fun, originally you reload it at a service depot and build as many as you want, which was fun, but broken, especially when a rogue enemy MIG created a nuclear chain-reacton inside my own base ;) . That said I have toyed with the idea of watering down my content and creating 3(!) new teams.

Greece (Allies): A10 Strike + Orcas
Spain (Soviets): Fwd Command + Recon Bike
Turkey (Soviets): Advanced Comm + Hinds

It effectively removes the new content from the old teams with the exception of the guard tower/pillbox buff and Stavros.

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