RAGL Frontline Reports :: S06.7

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RAGL Frontline Reports :: S06.7

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And here we are at the end of the group stage of the season, which means the Minions division results are final and Masters top4 (with the exception of a tiebreaker between Anjew and FiveAces still not played) is to fight for the spoils in Playoffs. Lets look up the Minions first.

Season 6 Scoreboards and Fixtures thread.

A close finish was to be expected during the later weeks of the season as Punsho, Jur and jjkramok were the potential contenders for the top spot against WhoCares who got there first and waited for his opponents to catch up. Unfortunately, the resolution of the season was somewhat anti-climactic as WhoCares was forced to leave the OpenRA scene due to undisclosed RL reasons. He filed for Season Forfeit as well, but that would mean removing all his results (and all the matches except one were played) which would have upset the table too much, so we decided to just strike his last match and keep results as it is.
This resulted in Jur, WhoCares and Punsho tied on points; Jur and WhoCares won 2-0 against Punsho, placing him 3rd, and ended up in a 1-1 head-to-head clash, so Jur finished first due to a no-show from his opponent. Congratulations! Also by reaching the first place in Minions, Jur is to receive a 10% of the RAGL prize pool.
Dualwarhead, jjkramok and mechANIC all ended up same 11 points and tied on 4-5-6 places, but mechANIC losing 0-2 to Dualwarhead and other matches ending in 1-1 resolved the tie here as well, as mechANIC is last in this trio. In the case WhoCares does not return by the start of Season 7, all three might get a promotion into Masters next season though.

But let's return to the Minions Champion and see out his performance throughout the tournament.

:: Jur 1-1 WhoCares
One of the first matches out there, as WhoCares wanted to play all his games even before the season official start date. Jur might have won the first game early by punishing WhoCares' War Factory build with grenadiers on Forgotten Plains, but for whatever reason picked that same War Factory as a target instead of power; if it weren't for a Flak Truck that didn't yet ride away, he could have succeeded here though, putting it into 5% HP. Still, the early game was slightly better for Jur here, as he set the map control, oil control and assets lead by 7min. There came a backlines attack by WhoCares that dealt a lot of damage to Jur's main, destroying everything; at the same time Jur managed to capture WhoCares' Service Depot and then launched his own attack that resulted in base trading. One more base trade commenced, with Jur being faster on that and able to return to defending his expansion as well because WhoCares sold his buildings early. This was the end for WhoCares who had much lesser army and just a handful of buildings at expansion. Bad trade for Jur only prolonged the game for 2 more minutes.

WhoCares went greedy again on Beyond Destruction, this time getting away with a lone engineer capture of the oil derrick and 1ref-wf. He went even further building all the way to Tier3 with Tech Center at 5:40 and IC roughly at 6:10. Jur only expanded through the bottom and started to build a Radar Dome, while WhoCares already had a Demo Truck. This was at 8min:
Folllowed by IC-coupled attack on another front, this completely removed Jur's mobile assets from the game, leaving him only several tanks here. Jur was caught completely by surprise there, and now WhoCares only needed to build up a sizeable enough force to snowball over his opponent which he did in the following minute.

:: Jur 0-2 Bain
The season had so much activity going on, that probably noone remembers Bain was there at the beginning. This match became void after Bain's season forfeit, but still interesting to check.
The map picking was exactly the same as the previous match. Jur's grenadiers were spotted this time by a rifle, and Bain wasn't even bothering raising a defence, deflecting it with standing forces at the main. He also wrapped up the early oil control, capturing all four derricks with double engineers. MCV was earlier for Jur, but more aggressive for Bain as you could have expected right from the start, as he drew Jur's attention into the middle with one base and then encircled him from the back with another. Paired with an attack onto the main ore, this was just too much for Jur to handle here on so many fronts.

The game on Beyond Destruction saw both players agressively moving into the middle, with Jur just driving his MCV there as well. Again, as one could have expected, Bain prevaled on the basewar front by walling off the base entrance

:: Jur 2-0 Punsho
This epic demo truck match was covered in Issue 6.3 of Frontline Reports. Check it again there!

:: Jur 0-2 jjkramok
Again, the match got covered by Issue 6.4; as you can see Jur got his share of highlights throughout the season.

:: Jur 2-0 Dualwarhead
And this one was played on FiveAces' stream.

Playoffs were (and still are) slightly delayed by FiveAces having RL issues that prevented him to play the bo1 against Anjew as scheduled, we are to wait on this result.
The second Semifinal didn't have any obstacles, so ZxGanon and Orb fought in a thrilling best-of-5 match; the VOD of the stream can be seen here (you can skip to the end if you want to just know the results, but who would want that?):

Orb has had a great start by taking first two games somewhat easily as ZxGanon looked like he didn't warm up and played not up to his usual competitive performance. Losing 0-2 however ZxGanon switched modes and clawed back to equalize the score with a perfect early game as a foothold there.
Then it came to the decider game on Oil Sands which swung back and forth several times, and both players had the opportunities to win; the final swing was done by Orb in the end, leading him into Masters Playoff Final, while ZxGanon is now to battle for the 3rd place.

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Re: RAGL Frontline Reports :: S06.7

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Jur! Jur! Jur!

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Re: RAGL Frontline Reports :: S06.7

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lol at WhoCares demo truck. good stuff

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