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Release Discussion

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Changelog: LINK
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It's been about a month and half since the first playtest this year and the release is already here! The developers have really been on fire this time around and the list of tallied changes is huge. Below is just a selection of the changes most affecting gameplay that are now part of this official release. There is some repetition from previous playtest threads and some changes are left out. For a complete list consult the official changelog!

The changes affecting gameplay for this release are:

  • Fixed dead vehicle husks disappearing when a player surrenders. [#13276, #14804, #14780]
    Dead husks will now stay around after you are dead.
  • Fixed the "Retry" button for map downloads. [#14410]
    The retry button now works for failed map downloads.
  • Added a chat panel to the in-game menu. [#13408, #14765]
    You may now view previous messages in the in-game menu.
  • Added hotkeys for the Observer Statistics panels. [#13781, #14779]
    The Observer Statistics' panels now supports hotkey bindings.
  • Added 'Enable debug commands in replays' option under Advanced settings. [#13813]
    Debug commands may now be enabled and used in replays.
  • Added support for loading replays from sub-directories. [#13818]
    Replays can now be loaded from sub-directories.
  • Added support for maps and minigames to customize the lobby options. [#14359, #14532]
    Maps and minigames can now customize the visible options in the lobby.
  • Added a server list tab to the multiplayer lobby. [#14599]
    The multiplayer lobby now has a server list tab.
  • Improved the multiplayer menu UI. [#14563, #14571, #14581, #14591, #14610, #14611, #14622, #14627, #14646]
    A long list of tweaks and changes here. Best to look into the issues separately.
  • Removed the ingame IRC Global Chat. [#14496]
    The in-game IRC Global Chat is no more.
  • Improved performance and memory usage. [#13777, #13603, #13797, #13979, #14560, #14043, #14048, #14167, #14374, #14376, #14375, #14437, #14441, #14443, #14444, #14440, #14442, #14439, #14477, #14438, #14436, #14469, #14528, #14524, #14531, #14530, #14513, #14510, #14529, #14525, #14082]
    The game should now run smoother and faster.
  • Improved hotkey customization support. [#13706, #13711, #13966, #13974, #14379]
    New hotkey options have been added. You must reset any custom hotkeys you previously had to conform with the new hotkey options.
  • Fixed the AI treating naval units as if they were ground based. [#13605]
    The AI now treats naval units like naval units.
  • Fixed the AI building more structures of certain types than it should. [#14025]
    The AI now regulates the building of certain types of structures.
  • Fixed the AI ignoring the shroud targeting superweapons. [#14492]
    The AI no longer knows where your base & army is when using superweapons.
  • Added MCVs to the AI protection logic. [#14637]
    The AI now protects MCVs.
  • Improved "Attack or Flee" decision logic. [#14466, #14468]
    The AI fight or flight logic has been improved.
Red Alert:
  • Fixed unarmed units being able to gain veterancy via crates. [#14125]
    Unarmed units may no longer gain veterancy via crates.
  • Fixed Chronoshifting an actor multiple times overriding the original return location. [#14155]
    Actors that are chronoshifted multiple times are returned to their original location.
  • Fixed Submarines not auto-targeting submerged enemy subs when detected by sensors. [#14198]
    Submarines now auto-target all enemy submarines when detected.
  • Fixed units not auto-targeting revealed mines. [#14588]
    Units will now auto-target revealed enemy mines
  • Fixed Supply Trucks being able to target Gap Generators, and not Chronospheres. [#14269]
    The Supply Truck may now enter Chronospheres but not Gap Generators.
  • Fixed engineers not being able to capture buildings from certain angles. [#14539]
    Engineers no longer have an issue with the angle they attempt to capture a building from.
  • Fixed blocked enemy units being produced when an enemy factory is captured. [#14220]
    Enemy units blocked in a captured factory are no longer produced.
  • Fixed mechanics requiring manual targeting for many vehicle types. [#14663]
    Mechanics will now automatically repair most vehicles around them.
  • Added unique GPS indicators for Communications Center and Forward Command. [#14274]
    The Communications Center and the Forward Command now have their own icons with GPS.
  • Added more lobby options. [#14209, #14417, #14363, #14590, #14567]
    Added lobby options "Limit ConYard Area", "Kill Bounties" and "Redeployable MCVs".
  • Added a random visual (only) explosion on Flamethrower death. [#14107, #14751]
    The flamethrower now dies with a visual-only explosion effect.
  • Added and removed several maps in the default pool. [#14768]
    The map pool has been switched around and refreshed a bit.
  • Improved visual explosions when aircraft crash. [#14106]
    Aircraft now produce a bigger (and cooler in my opinion) explosion effect when they crash.
  • All unit health and damage amounts have been scaled by 100 to reduce calculation errors. [#14301, #14651]
    Health and damage is now inflated to reduce rounding errors.
  • Reduced damage to structures from exploding barrels. [#14314]
    Structures now take less damage from exploding barrels.
  • Units will no longer target units revealed by the GPS Satellite. [#14117]
    Actors revealed by the GPS will not be automatically targeted whilst in the shroud.
  • Disabled Tesla Coils no longer detect stealthed units. [#14370]
    Stealthed units will now remian undetected by disabled tesla coils.
  • Gunboat and Submarine are now available at Low tech level. [#14188]
    The Gunboat and Submarine are now available for Low tech level games.
  • Improved Soviet faction crate bonuses to match Allies. [#14204]
    Soviet crate bonuses have been improved so that they are not disadvantaged against Allies.
  • Reduced Pillbox damage versus light armor. [#14244]
    Pillboxes now do less damage vs light armor.
  • Light Tank weapon improved. [#14471]
    Light Tank damage versus wood increased by 10%, reload delay reduced from 22 to 21.
  • Minimum range of `Artillery` and `V2 Rocket Launcher` increased. [#14471, #14753]
    The minimum range of Artillery and V2 has been increased to 4 cells.
  • Grenadiers now always expode on death but with reduced damage. [#14471]
    Grenadiers won't die in hordes anymore.
  • Pillbox and Camo Pillbox power consumption increased. [#14471]
    The power consumption of Pillboxes and Camo Pillboxes has been increased to 20 from 15.
  • Fake Building destruction threshold increased. [#14471]
    Fake Building destruction threshold increased from 90% to 70%.
  • MiG damage vs heavy armor and health increased. [#14471]
    MiG damage versus heavy increased by 15%. HP increased to 75 from 70.
  • Cruiser and Missile Sub range increased. [#14471]
    Cruisers and Missile Subs have had their range increased from 16 to 20 cells.
  • Cruiser inaccuracy decreased. [#14471]
    Cruisers' inaccuracy decreased to 1c938 from 2c938.
  • Missile Sub inaccuracy reduced significantly. [#14471]
    Missile Sub inaccuracy has been decreased by 80%.
  • Depth Charge speed increased. [#14471]
    Depth charge speed has been increased from 85 to 125.
  • Submarine vision increased. [#14471]
    Submarine vision has been increased to 8 cells.
Tiberian Dawn:
  • Added more lobby options. [#14209, #14567]
    Added lobby options "Limit ConYard Area", "Kill Bounties" and "Redeployable MCVs".
  • Advanced base defenses and Communcation Center / Temple of Nod no longer detect stealth while low power. [#14368]
    Stealth is no longer detected by low power structures.
  • All unit health and damage amounts have been scaled by 100 to reduce calculation errors. [#14448, #14651]
    Health and damage is now inflated to reduce rounding errors.
  • Reduced the value of civilians. [#14630]
    Civilian value has been reduced to 10 to avoid higher XP awards.
  • Decreased the damage of APCs and increased the health of Obelisks. [#14728]
    APC damage decreased vs none, wood and heavy armor. Obelisk health increased from 600 to 750.
  • Increased build time of APCs. [#14829]
    APC build time increased from 14 seconds to 15 seconds.
Dune 2000
  • Fixed MCV and Harvester being able to gain veterancy via crates. [#14125]
    MCVs and Harvesters may no longer gain veterancy via crates.
  • Fixed walls being visible through through the fog of war. [#14683]
    Walls are no longer visible through the fog of war.
  • Added devastator self destruct upon deployment. [#13884, #14137]
    The devastator can now self-destruct by deploying it.
  • Added additional maps from the original game. [#14512, #14514, #14515, #14516, #14517, #14518, #14519, #14520, #14521, #14522]
  • Added `PrimaryBuilding` support to palaces. [#14661]
    Palaces now have primary building selection.
  • Finished implementing Harkonnen campaign (added missions Harkonnen 5, 6a, 6b, 7, 8, 9a and 9b). [#14164, #14288, #14388, #14457, #14458, #14459, #14426, #14429, #14427, #14434, #14658, #14678, #14786]
    The Harkonnen campaign is now complete!
  • Building upgrades no longer require a Construction Yard. [#14433, #14700, #14701]
    Upgrades can now be built without a construction yard.
  • All unit health and damage amounts have been scaled by 10 to reduce calculation errors. [#14461, #14651]
    Health and damage is now inflated to reduce rounding errors.
  • Fixed incorrect armor type definitions for several structures. [#14690]
    Several structures have been given more suitable armor types.
I have missed out a lot here due to the length of the changelog and haven't even touched on the engine changes that have gone on behind the scenes. There have also been a lot of bug fixes and mission improvements so if you are interested make sure to check out the changeog!

As always, please keep discussions constructive and on topic!
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Great work, the AI changes are promising as well!
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noobmapmaker wrote: Great work, the AI changes are promising as well!
I share these sentiments, top work guys! :bana:

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Agreed top notch release well done :D

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Congratz with the new release! That's an impressive changelog. Thanks for all the time and work.

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As it brings no gameplay changes, release 20180307 will not have a separate discussion topic. If you would like to know about the bug fixes associated with the new release you can find them here!

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