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The league rules have now been put up in the discord channel, I'll also create a text-only copy for this forum this evening.

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Btw. guys just a reminder: do not forget to join the TDGL Discord!

Registrations only happen on the discord!

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Ok here's a copy of the rules in forum format. These are subject to amendments during the course of the tournament where mentioned, or for clarification. Download the latest copy from the discord group, which is also better formatted.

TDGL League Rules


The format of the tournament will be in two parts, the first and main part is a league, where players are divided into groups of up to eight players. Players play all other players in their group over the course of eight weeks, at times convenient for both players. After each match, one point is awarded to the winning player. The more points players have, the higher up they will appear in their group.

After the league is complete, the top two, three or four players (depending on the number of groups) from each group will then be placed in a knockout tournament to decide the outright winner, and runners up. The exact number of players that will be in the knockout tournament will be confirmed after registration closes, but before any league matches start.

If any players are tied in positions to enter the knockout tournament (for example if four players in a league group have four points), then there will me a mini-knockout tournament to decide final positions in that group, before moving on to the final knockout tournament mentioned above.


To enter, post a message in the general channel of TDGL Discord group ( saying that you want to participate, and confirm the 3 letter tag (caps and numbers only) that you will be using for replays (for example AAA). Registration will close at the end of 7th January UTC time. Only players listed in the registration channel are entered. If your name is not shown there, post a message in the general channel saying that you would like to join.

On the 8th January everyone will be split in to groups, completely at random. Matches will then be drawn up to start from the 15th January.

Organising Matches:

Matches must be played by the end of the week that they are scheduled for, but can be played as early as both players agree. This can be arranged by whatever means you find easiest, however all players should try to check the discord channel at least once a week to see if another player is trying to arrange a match, or if there is any news about the tournament. Everyone in the tournament has their discord tag shown on the registration channel, so you can check there if you need it.

If you need to delay, a match can be delayed by up to 3 weeks by either player. This should be reported ASAP via the Official > Notes discord channel in the format of Delay: Group X PL1 vs PL2 until round Y, then tag the other player. You don't need to give a reason.

If you cannot contact the other player by the week of your game, you need to post in the Official > Notes discord channel in the format of Failed Contact: PL1 for Group X PL1 vs PL2, then tag the other player. Do this as early as you can that week to give the other player a chance to respond if they show up.

If a match isn't played by the end of its round week and it isn't delayed, both players will get a strike. If one player has reported failed contact, only their opponent will get a strike. Three strikes will result in disqualification from the league.

Map Pool:

This will be confirmed by the 7th Janurary.

Selecting Maps:

League matches will be a best of three, with maps being decided before the first game of the match is played, using the banning system. This can be started by going to the Matches > Mappicking discord channel and typing !mapban @opponent.

Basically both players select a map each to ban, which will not be played, then both players select a map each from the remainder to play. Finally a map is selected at random from the remaining maps for if it goes to a third game.

Matches towards the end of the final knockout tournament will likely be best of five or seven games. To be confirmed.

Map Picking Example:

This is an example of how map picking works, using Mikeej vs STUKA as an example matchup. There are non-map names here for now until the maps have been confirmed.

Mikeej is randomly selected to go first and bans TD Divide.
STUKA bans Isle of TD.
Mikeey selects Kane's Sanctuary to play first game.
STUKA selects Commando Ridge to play second game.
Twisted Canyon is randomly selected to be the last map.

This would mean game 1 is on Kane's Sanctuary, game 2 is on Commando Ridge and if a third game is needed, it will be on Twisted Canyon.

Playing Matches:

Just start a normal multiplayer game in OpenRA with you and your opponent, then play as many games as are required for your match, on the maps determined beforehand as described above. Jazz has kindly offered to host some game servers for this, which you can use, and you will be notified of the password before the league starts.

Once the game starts, it isn't won until either OpenRA says it is, or the losing player disconnects on purpose (for example saying "I give up, you are the greatest." in chat will not concede the match). Ideally, if you want to give up, surrender instead of just disconnecting.

If there is a technical issue and the game doesn't finish (e.g. server crash or a player losing connection), then the players must decide between them whether to start the match again, or if there was a clear winner. If there is a dispute, finish the remaining games for the match, then post the replay and any details in the Official > Disputes channel for an official to make a decision. Officials cannot make a decision on their own games.

Matches are all best of three for one point. So if a player wins two games, you don't need to play a third. If it goes 1-1, then you do.
Game Settings:

Game Version: Release unless both players want to use Playtest
Explored Map: On
Crates: Off
Short Game: On
Fog of War: On
Build off Allies' Conyards: Host's discretion
Debug Menu: Off
Starting Cash: $5000
Starting Units: Light Support
Tech Level: Unrestricted
Game Speed: Normal
Player Positions: Random (No picking spots)
Limit Build Area: On
Redeployable MCVs: On


Players are encouraged to let streamers cast their games (providing that they have at least a 2 minute stream delay), and are free to decide if they want to allow other players to spectate as well, although it is suggested to limit spectators to prevent lag and therefore have better quality games.

Reporting Results:

The winner is responsible for reporting the result. This needs to be done as follows before the result counts:

Post in the Official > Results discord channel in the format of Results: Group X PL1 vs PL2. Game 1: PL1 won. Game 2: PL2 won. Game 3: PL2 won. and tag the other player.
Upload the replays to Jazz's file server with them named in the format of TDGL-GROUPX-PL1-PL2-G1.orarep:

Other Notes:

Please keep the discord channels in the Official category clear of normal chat.

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