I'm pulling out of OpenRA.

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I'm pulling out of OpenRA.

Post by SoScared »

I'm not gonna bother to write a whole lot about it, I'm pretty sure the more perceptive types out there are able to read everything into my chat and post history and draw their own conclusions for themselves but at the end of the day the energy required to help push the mod and project forward doesn't feel worth it any longer and I'm not motivated to jump into the mix and start playing competitively again. At least not yet. Perhaps I simply painted myself in the corner with this one but whatever, it was done and I'm happy with what came out of it.

I also don't feel like apologizing or appease my ego by grandstanding on details so what I'll be doing is simply share whatever assets I have in my library and offer my support if anyone would need help setting up their own venture. As for the league, same deal, anyone want to take it over I'm happy to support that as well.

I know this came pretty damn sudden. With everything I've involved myself with it's not reasonable to expect everything to go on rails but for my own personal reasons that's exactly what I felt necessary to happen to keep pushing it. I'm not gonna just disappear like an idiot but it certainly will put some more distance between myself and others who I consider to be good friends and many great people. Which I regret very much.

Gotta say tho, as an ora bureaucrat, greatest macro match I ever played.


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Post by eskimo »

Real sad to hear. Used to love watching your YT casts and regular streams. Was excited to hear that you and 5A were going to do a cast together.

I don't quite understand your reasoning cause you used the word "rail".

But regardless, i wish you the best SoS.

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Post by flamewh33l »

all the best man... hope we'll still be able to keep in contact with each other, yet you will be greatly missed as a member of ORA. hopefully when the time comes that you can reappear on ORA's radar, we will look forward to that endeavor.

hope you'll find something else to do in the meantime to keep yourself entertained, and don't be a stranger on DTLuna's mumble, your always welcome to come poke your head in and say 'hello' whenever we're around.

good luck on your journey, good sir, and have fun doing so.

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Post by Clockwork »

I'm trueley shocked your the grandfather of RA in my eyes the posterboy for the whole thing :cry:

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Post by abcdefg30 »

:( gg

Was a pretty nice time after all, with fun in the minions league, watching your streams, ... Hope you'll find the time to hop onto IRC some when again. Wish you the best as well, and hope you continue to command and conquer. :)
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Post by WhoCares »

Happy retirement and I hope that what you will do next will give you he same joy/entertainement as openRA brang you.

A big thx you for all your youtube content that gave me taste to play this game, and the league you managed that made me really enjoy the game. And maybe all the stuff i enjoyed that I maybe ignore you have a part played in.

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Murto the Ray
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Post by Murto the Ray »

It's really sad to see you go SoScared. You have given so much to the community for the best part of half a decade and no doubt your work has drawn many people into the community.

Whatever it is that you go onto do I wish you the best. You are a great guy and when you are passionate about something you really pull off something special. I don't think OpenRA would be what it is today without you.

I know you won't suddenly disappear, old habits die hard after all. But just know there are plenty of people who would be happy to welcome you back if you ever felt the urge again or if you just wanted to chat and catch up - no pressure :)

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Post by 3.Lucian »

Whoa. Sad news.
Thanks for everything that you've done, man.

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Post by IronScion »

Best of luck with everything sos. You have truly been the public voice and face of the game since I discovered it about two years ago, and I appreciate your efforts to foster the community and competitive scene.
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Post by noobmapmaker »

Ah man... that sucks really hard! You probably have your reasons and knowing you, once you´ ve set your mind onto something it´s gonna happen. So no more Monday/Sunday streams.. :( Also fear for the RAGL, thought this was going to be a great season, but now keeping it as is will be first concerns...

Really sad news!
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Post by anjew »

Im sad to hear this.

I always thought there would 2 constants of OpenRA, SoScared and Normans lag.
It's a shame to see one of OpenRA's oldest players leave.

Good luck in your future endeavours.

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Post by Wippie »

Damn :(

Everytime I'll hear a 'Rararararararraah' in the distance, I'll remember you.

Thanks for everything youve done for the game and for the community, hope to see you around in the future. Thinking about it, I guess its not a complete surprise. You will be missed


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Post by jaZz_KCS »

August 1st will go down in history.

You are not the person to make such decisions lightly, so this must have been dwelling in you for quite some time. I wish you all the best on your further endeavors.

I deliberately keep this short, as you have mentioned you are not vanishing but rather getting some distance to ORA, but will still stick around to help out here n then.

Also I am now a League Technical official without guidance :(
I have lost my general official. But I am sure that SoScared will put this into capable hands. I will ofc offer my side of the league administration services to whoever will fill the void to get this rolling again for Season IV.
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Post by noobmapmaker »

I think its good to start transferring the organisation of RAGL S04 asap... hopefully SoScared wants to be involved with the transfer to some extent. For starters to prevent the competition from falling in the hands of random crazies. The second part will be the practical part: please make a list of things that have to happen so people can decide for themselves if they are up for the job or perhaps stand up to do bits of the work.

Personally I was also curious about the "more agressive" advertising of the league you have planned. Through which channels? Or should we have an in between RAGL season and not expand to much in times of turmoil?
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Post by FRenzy »

Thanks for all the effort, all the time you've put into the project !

All the best with your projects, take some vacations, enjoy your life, and glhf IRL ! ;D

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