Why does TD allow multi-Produce but RA doesnt?


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Why does TD allow multi-Produce but RA doesnt?

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Hey guys, I'm new to the community, but very excited this all exists, as I have loved Classic C&C games so much and assumed it pretty much to be dead with EA's recent treatment of the series. So glad to see it continue life in such a great way.

Anyways, can someone explain to me why the mod for TD right now allows multiple units/structures to be produced when you have extra Con Yard, Weapons Factory, Barracks etc.. whereas in RA you do not get the ability to simultaneously produce extra units/structures when you have extra production structures built? I really like the idea and had always wished it was part of these games originally when I first played them. I really like the way its implemented in TD and would like to see RA work the same way... Is it a matter of balance between the two games or some sort of design decision, or is it just a matter of not being implemented yet into the RA mod?

Furthermore, if someone could also answer this - in the original games, it seemed that building extra production structures seemed to decrease build times... is that correct? If so, how much would each extra building decrease build times (in the original games)? Is this the way they function in OpenRA currently? Could someone plzzz clarify all this for me???? THANK YOU

Finally, one last noob question... i see a mentioned of E3 as a unit in TD and can't for the life of me figure out what you guys are talking about !!! LOL

thanks guys!!! long live C&C!!

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The multiproduction thing of TD's was a design chance back in 2010-11 maybe, when TD had it's own gameplay designer, which led practically that the TD gameplay is the least remiscient of the original.

This multiproduction has great effects on balance though, so I don't think it'll be transferred over to the other mods. Yes, RA has the speedup production part instead - two warfactos mean 85%, three 75%, four 65%, then 60%, 55%, and a hard cap at 50% speed.

E3 is the rocket soldier's ID -identification in rules - in RA/TD.
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TD multi production has minimal impact on balance. Its more about this unit counters this and mixing your units up allows a strong push. Unless your opponent is on good grounds.

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RA system is much more useful for frantic "short" fights and raids, in a map with limited resources.

OpenRA - TD system is... honestly, more suitable on long drawn fights which draws down on HUGE VS HUGE battle
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