Brand New

Hello everyone, I'm a new player and just signed up!

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Tropical Lemming
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Brand New

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I played C&C RA as a kid at my grandmothers house. My oldest cousin brought it one Christmas and it stayed there for years. There were 13 grandchildren all aged differently, but at any point there was always a group of 3-8 of us huddled around her old computer watching each other play. She's now passed away, her place was sold, and that computer gone. A few days ago on a whim I remembered playing and I checked steam but they didn't have RA, which was the game that meant so much to me. I was so excited when I found open RA! Over the last few days I've been played skirmishes against bots and I'm excited to play in my first multiplayer game!

As I've never done this any words of wisdom or advice would be great as I get started. Also if anyone would like to play just shoot me a message and I'm there.

Thanks everyone!

Tropical Lemming

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Re: Brand New

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Hi, first of all, welcome in the community and on the game.

Openra offers variety of gameplay.

You have different mods to boot with; TD, RA, D2k

If you focus on the most popular (Red Alert) you end up with 3 different online experiences:

*1V1 : You are alone to face another player and let the best take the game. A competitive player base exist and is always looking to welcome and help newcomers. The community uses discord as platform to communicate. You have the official server but also the openra academy server which is exclusively designed to teach the game and help to progress in the 1V1 environment. Don't be afraid to check those out. The 1V1 scene is the only one to have a permanent league RAGL and regular tournaments.

*teamgames : you play with other players vs another team ( 2v2 to 6v6 or even ffa). Sadly there is few "organised" teamgames so far. So just look at a lobby with slot available, join, pick a team and go. This is a more casual environment but as it is public and not regulated you can face the best behaviours and the worst trolls. In the overhaul, you will meet more nice people but always remember to say that you are a newcomer so people don't get mad at you for losing the game.

*Custom maps : You can find all sort of minigames with different gamaplays and objectives. be sure to alwais check the readme in the lobby or asking the right question to understand what to do.

I hope you'll find what you seek.

Once again, Welcome

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Re: Brand New

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To add to what Whocares said, here are two quick and excellent ways to get involved with the community and to get better at the game should you so desire:

This is the discord where there is very active discussion happening about everything from tournaments to mods to memes :

And this is another discord to the 'academy', a place where you can go to systematically improve your 1v1 skills and get the help of some of the best players doing so:

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Re: Brand New

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Hey, WB and see you on the battlefield

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Re: Brand New

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Hello and welcome comrade!

Don't be discouraged if you loose. I still get stomped by good players and I've been here a while. Just enjoy the game and try to learn.

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