Audio File for OpenRA

Audio tracks for RA

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Audio File for OpenRA

Post by conquerman »

Hello, I recently found your site, I must say, its great to see RA revised.

I used to make mods for TD and RA back in the day, and I wanted to give you guys one of the audio files I still had. Someone made a custom sound track back in the day for RA and I remember pulling some of the sounds and putting it into my campaign. I don't have the author of this file (i wrote it down in my credits long ago but i can't find that file), but this track worked perfectly while playing RA. So giving it to this community. I figure it would be good for something. If I find that full file track in my files, i'll be sure to give it to you guys for use. ... sp=sharing


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Re: Audio File for OpenRA

Post by lawANDorder »

Hi, thanks for sharing this! I like it :)

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Re: Audio File for OpenRA

Post by abcdefg30 »

Neat. Does the track have a name?

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