For the Ubuntu users (And other linux users)

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For the Ubuntu users (And other linux users)

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First and foremost I'd like to congratulate all that were involved with the OpenRA project. I find this open RTS game engine to be incredible. It is well done and solid.

And after some many hours of gameplay, I knew I wanted to mod. Only one problem; After viewing and searching through the forums I've noticed that most of the utilities used to mod, are windows based.

What about us Linux users who wish to contribute to the modding community? I've tried to use XCC via wine, but it doesn't seem it wants to co-operate, and I am curious to see if using just Linux-based tools would do the job.

So the questions I have are these;

1) Are there alternatives to XCC that are Linux-based?

2) Are there templates available for the game sprites to that a budding modder can just jump in and mod away?

I thank you for your time.


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