Guide; Dedicated Server for Ubuntu 16.04

Step by step guide to setting up a dedicated OpenRA server

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Guide; Dedicated Server for Ubuntu 16.04

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A guide to setting up a dedicated OpenRA Server for latest stable release on Ubuntu 16.04.

The following steps require the user to be logged into the terminal on their Linux machine.
Before we begin, there are two methods to getting the server up and running. Method 1 requires compiling the files yourself and method 2 uses the prepackaged .deb file to install the game and use a launch script. Method 2 is the quickest way to get a server going. Which method to use is up to you. For beginners, I recommend method 2.

Installing the per-requisites:
sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install git curl unzip xdg-utils zenity libalut-dev libfreetype6 build-essential lua5.1 mono-complete libsdl2-dev liblua5.1-0 nano
The above step will take a few minutes to download and install depending on your internet connection and system speed.

After that, head on over to and grab the latest release source code. You can copy the URL and use wget to download the file directly to your machine.

wget ... xxx.tar.gz

Then we extract the downloaded files, replacing the 20xxxxx with the proper numbers (proper filename) that was downloaded.
tar xf release-20xxxxxx.tar.gz

Next we enter the directory where the files were extracted to.
cd OpenRA-release-20xxxxxx

Next we start compiling the game, first we define the version of the game. This needs to be the same as the release-20xxxxxx number so we don't have version mismatch issues.
make version VERSION=release-yyyymmdd
example: make version VERSION=release-20170527
This is the version of the latest release at the time of writing this guide.

Then we do the following command:
make all
This make all process will take a few minutes while it checks for any missing per-requisites and compiles the necessary files.

If you wish to modify the configuration of the server (highly recommended to setup a name)
nano ./

You can now launch the server with the following command

If you would like to log out of the server and keep the server running, I would recommend launching it inside a screen and then detaching it.

Copy paste the following command into your terminal. Please make sure your user has sudo access on the machine or you won't be able to install the game!

pushd /tmp && wget ... 27_all.deb -O openra.deb && sudo apt-get update && sudo dpkg -i openra.deb || sudo apt-get install -fy && rm openra.deb && popd && wget && chmod +x ./;

you can now edit the file to configure your server. Also note, you can replace the URL with the latest stable release to install the latest version.

That's all there is to it.
Happy Gaming!

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