Red Alert Global League: Season 14 - Registrations

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Red Alert Global League: Season 14 - Registrations

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Registrations and confirmations

Due to feedback received after Season 13 we have decided to change the rules around delays for Season 14. We expect this to be a significant change from recent seasons and returning players should consider this before signing up.

3.6.1 Matches are possible to be delayed past their schedule up until the end of the group stage.
3.6.1 Matches are possible to be delayed by one player for up to one week, or by both players for up to two weeks, up until the end of the group stage.

To register please reply below.

2.1 New signups

2.1.1 New players have until 2023-04-27 to send the registration info.

2.1.2 Registration takes place through Discord (#ragl-signups in, the primary channel of communication for RAGL, or in the registrations forum thread.

2.1.3 Registration info must include the following:
  • Nickname that will be used throughout the season;
  • Country of origin and time zone expressed in UTC (see;
  • OpenRA discord name (Discord is the primary channel for communication);
  • Forum name (used to find player id).
2.1.4 Registered players are put onto Signup list. If the player sent their registration info but wasn't put onto Signup list then they should subsequently contact the officials no later than the final date.

2.2 Returning players

2.2.1 Players transferring over from the previous season have until 2023-04-27 to confirm their participation.

2.2.2 Returning players don't have to provide any other information than the expressed confirmation, officials are to request any of the above if mandatory information is missing.

2.3 Qualifications

2.3.5 Players who have been forfeit or disqualified in more seasons than they have completed will need to play some pre-season games on the ladder to be eligible to return. Players must have played 4*(incomplete - complete)² games on the ladder in the month prior to registration closing.

For example: If a player has season forfeit in 3 seasons and only completed 1 season then they must play 4*(3-1)² = 4*2² = 16 preseason ladder games to be eligible for the season.

See for individual records.

2.4 Waiting list

2.4.1 In the event of players leaving during first week for any reasons, players may be added from the waiting list. The league officials will use a combination of the waiting list and promotion to fill the vacancy.


Kav (Finland) (confirmed)
maceman (England) (confirmed)
Ekanim (USA) (confirmed)
Blackened (USA) (confirmed)
Gajcus (Poland) (unconfirmed)
Mo (Wales) (confirmed)
Eugenator (Austria) (confirmed)
Duke Bones (USA) (confirmed)
Sigil (USA) (confirmed)
anjew (Australia) (confirmed)
Upps (Germany) (confirmed)
milkman (Germany) (confirmed)
bete (Serbia) (declined)
J!NX (USA) (declined)
Nilhall (China) (confirmed)
spetsnaz84 (Belgium) (confirmed)
Pvt_Leaf (Slovenia) (declined)
BigHALK (USA) (confirmed)
TTTPPP (UK) (confirmed)
chouchani (France) (confirmed)

Signup List

tux (Singapore) (confirmed)
ROCKhardFISTnips (Canada) (withdrawn)
Fazzar (UK) (confirmed)
creo (Sweden) (confirmed)
toiletbreakbrb (Australia) (confirmed - played 4 qualification games)
Margot Honecker (Canada) (confirmed)
Rossie (USA) (confirmed)
Mr Cloudy (England) (confirmed)
JustSomeGuy (Switzerland) (confirmed)
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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 14 - Registrations

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Here's a diagram showing how the division allocation worked. Players who completed Season 13 and re-registered are listed in the Continuity column according to their performance last season. All players are listed in the Ladder column according to their ladder ratings. Each of the two divisions for Season 14 contains 12 players and these are picked from the top of the two lists downwards (for full details see the division assignment script).
S14DivisionAssignment.png (145.17 KiB) Viewed 4572 times

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