The Naval Dusk to Dawn Tournament

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The Naval Dusk to Dawn Tournament

Post by Blackened »

That's right folks its time to delve deep into the cold, black abyss and fight for the title of the Dark Dutchman.

The rules are simple. 16 Players will play against their opponent on a single map in a best of 3 each round. The first time on the map, explored map will be off; you'll have to find out what lies in wait yourself. The Second game explored map will be turned on. Lastly, should the first 2 games be split the tie breaker will have explored map turned off again. I hope you have a good memory!

Unlike other dark tournaments this one comes with a few caveats. Firstly and most important, this tournament Cannot be run on the current release. There are some bugs and whatnot that prevent some of the maps for working. What this means is that there is no set date for the tournament yet. If you sign up it would be very helpful to include when it would be best for you to play. In theory this could be ran on the playtest, but it does pose the risk of game breaking bugs interrupting the tournament.

Secondly, unlike traditional DT's I can tell you a little bit about the maps. All of these maps are made in the competitive sense. That is to say, there are no maps like Duel, Bombardment Islands, or the like. Naval on these maps is more akin to t2/t3 -- you don't need/see it every game but having it can certainly be an advantage.

Lastly, Mo and I have been rebalancing Navy to make it more fun to play with. I think what we want to fix can truly make navy a more worthwhile option while also balancing the glaring issues in Soviet and Allied naval play. I'll post another thread later solely for balancing discussion and changes. If you sign up along with giving availability I also ask whether or not you'd like to have the balance applied to the tournament or not. There is always some risk in that we've accidentally make something OP or nerfed something too much, especially in a tournament where player's won't be testing before hand. So this is just an option.

Date: TBD
Rebalanced? TBD

Sign ups:
1: Orb
2: Upps
3: Mint
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Re: The Naval Dusk to Dawn Tournament

Post by Upps »

sign me up,
date: I preffer fridays or sundays.
balance: It cant be worse then the original naval gameplay, I would prefer any naval balance tests we had in the past, over the actual naval gameplay ;)

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Re: The Naval Dusk to Dawn Tournament

Post by Ekanim »

Reigning Prince of Darkness here, seeking booty and sea bitches
Dates: Saturday/Sundays; Fridays maybe
Balance: Yours

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