TDGL Season 3 Fixtures & Rules

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TDGL Season 3 Fixtures & Rules

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Welcome to TDGL Season 3

1. Playing a game

a. Format

During league stages, there will be 2 games per match, which are each worth 1 point each to the winner.

During knockout stages, the number of games is shown on the diagram.

b. Picking a Map

There are no bans, and any single map can only be played once per matchup.

During league stages, the player on the left on the fixture list picks the first map, then the player on the right in the fixture list picks the second map.

During the knockout stages the map for the first game is shown on the diagram. After the first game, the loser of the previous game picks.

The map pool is as follows:

African Gambit
A New Winter
Desert Mandarins
Mountain Town Madness
Reaching Out
Tiberium Rift
Warzone X

c. Game Conditions

All games must be played on a TDGL server, while logged into the correct forum accounts, with the following settings:

Explored: On
Crates: Off
Short Game: On
Fog Of War: On
Build off Allies: On
Limit Build Area: On
Separate Team Spawns: On
Redeployable MCVs: On
Stealth Deliveries: On
Debug Menu: Off
Recapture Techs: Off
Starting Cash: $7500
Starting Units: MCV Only
Time Limit: No Limit
Tech Level: Unrestricted
Game Speed: Normal

If both players agree these settings can be deviated from in any way. Both players need to confirm in in-game chat for each setting so that it's in the replay.

d. Winning a Game

A game is won when the game says it's won. So to win you will need to destroy all enemy structures, or get them to surrender.

If they leave the game before it's over without surrendering, you can safely disconnect and still get the win, but do not surrender.

e. Disconnects

The result of a disconnect can be decided between the players, but league officials may need to be informed to correct the standings on the site.

Generally if it's not clear who is winning, the game should be played again. If there's a dispute, you can ask an impartial league official to decide.

f. Cheating

Don't do it.

2. League Structure

a. Layout

The "league" will take part in 2 stages. The first stage will be a group stage, where the leading two players of the group will earn a place in the knockout stage.

b. League Stage

During the league stage, each player plays all other players in their group in order to aquire the most points. Players are then ranked in order of points.

At the end of a group stage, if there is a two way tie that needs to be settled to determine who advances, a best of 3 will be played, with the first map being Matchpoint. This match will then follow normal knockout stage game rules.

If the group stage results in a three-or-more-way tie that needs to be settled to determine who advances, a smaller league of the tied players will be run, whereby each player plays 2 games against each of the other players to aquire the most points.

This will continue until there is a clear 1st and 2nd for each group.

c. Knockout Stage

The knockout stage will consist of matches where the winner progresses, and the loser is knocked out. There will also be an additional match for the players knocked out in the semi-final stages to determine who came third.

3. Match Organisation

a. Communication

There are channels created for you to arrange your matches in the TDGL server, these are #tdgl-s3-recruits and #tdgl-s3-elite, and they are both in the Matches section.

Please use these channels to arrange matches where possible so that officials can keep track and make sure that matches are being played and so that any interested casters can be informed.

b. Timetable & Fixtures

The timetable and fixtures are as follows:


Week 1-3: (ending 7th Aug) (Top 2 players in each group advance as per diagram)

Leaf vs Milkman
Azure Anemone vs Leaf
CuteFox vs Azure Anemone
Milkman vs mechANIC
mechANIC vs CuteFox

Leaf vs mechANIC
CuteFox vs Leaf
Azure Anemone vs Milkman
Milkman vs Cutefox
mechANIC vs Azure Anemone

Bobuck vs BeTe
J!NX vs Bobuck
Odourless vs J!NX
BeTe vs Icesinithol
Icesinithol vs Odourless

Bobuck vs Icesinithol
Odourless vs Bobuck
J!NX vs BeTe
BeTe vs Odourless
Icesinithol vs J!NX

Week 4: (ending 14th Aug)

Semi Final Matches (bo3)

Week 5: (ending 21th Aug)

Final (bo5) and 3rd place (bo3) Matches


Week 1-2: (ending 31 Jul) (Top 2 players in each group advance as per diagram)

Kav vs Moods
Moods vs Anjew
Anjew vs Kav

ZxGanon vs Gacius
Gacius vs Blackened
Blackened vs ZxGanon

Orb vs M A S T E R
M A S T E R vs nudels
nudels vs Orb

Borgmo vs Despro
Despro vs Upps
Upps vs Borgmo

Week 3: (ending 7 Aug)

Quarter Final Matches (bo3)

Week 4: (ending 14th Aug)

Semi Final Matches (bo5)

Week 5: (ending 21th Aug)

Final (bo7) and 3rd place (bo5) Matches

This is not an exact timetable, but is an ideal and what should be aimed for. If players drag too much behind or are unreachable, they will be disqualified at the discretion of officials. This will only happen in extreme and clear cut cases.

Players are encouraged to play their matches as timely as possible to keep things running smoothly.

4. Prizes

a. Prize Pool

The current prize pool is £50 and $35 excluding transfer / PayPal fees.

b. Split

The split will be 90% to the winner of elite, and 10% to a random finisher out of the remaining players. This will be determined at random after the league finishes.

c. Collection

Prize winners will be contacted to arrange the transfer of their winnings shortly after they are allocated the prize.

5: Other Notes

a. Official Discretion

If anything is off, such as a player cheating, being abusive, not being forthcoming with arranging matches etc, organisers may intervene and may end up disqualifying players.

There's also potential for something to happen outside of the scope of these rules, in which case the officials may need to make decisions in the fairest way possible as decided by themselves.

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