- Kautious Kup 4- RAGL through the Seasons

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- Kautious Kup 4- RAGL through the Seasons

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Greetings Commanders and welcome to the 4th addition of the Kautious Kup,

As usual this is a 1v1 tournament single elimination for 8 players
- Brackets are BO3
- Finals are BO7

The theme this time is 'RAGL through the seasons', reviving old maps from different RAGL seasons with the latest balance (BI 3.2)
This tournament will also be used as a test for the upcoming RAGL season which will launch somewhere in October.

Map Pool (uploaded to RC with BI 3.2) :
- Borrowed Time
- Lacetown
- Map X
- Patches
- Race Tracks
- River Crossing 2
- Rocky Ravine
- Shadowfiend (new revision to make it balanced)
- Shared Responsibility
- Stanitsa
- Uzala
- Warwind
Mappack can be found in the offical OpenRA Discord under #Competitions-events

# Rules
- Every first match will be played on Shadowfiend
- Loser's pick after
- Maps can not be picked twice in the same set
- When GG is called, that person has forfeit, even if they decide to continue and the person who called it wins, will still lose.

Current prize pool : 110$ (75$ 1st place , 35$ 2nd place)

This tournament will be held on Saturday the 25th of september at 17:00 UTC
Registrations can be done by DMing me on Discord with your ingame name.

Good luck and stay Kautious!

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