Ideas for an OpenRA Ladder system

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Ideas for an OpenRA Ladder system

Post by Yara »

As bug is working hard on building the technical environment, first discussion were exchanged on how this ladder could work, how should the rules be, how should the points be created.

This is from my Discord post on the Competitive server:
@ Ladder Rules & ELO
I just checked again and they obviously have a ton of experience with running ladders and documented their rules in detail, including the point calculation:

In the end ELO pts are calculated as such = K x E x W x O
K - K value (explained above)
E - .01 to 1 (based on if the underdog or favorite won and how close in rank they were)
W - starts at .5 on day one of a new tournament and grows to 1 on the last day of the tournament
O - offset starts at 1 when same clans play against each other for the first time on a day, second match it is .9, third match it is .8, etc...
After 10 matches against similar clans it is .1 and stays at .1

Source: (They came up with 15x rules, which apparently was enough for them)
See also:

So the best strategy is probably to take their stuff as a basis and adapt it to our needs. I can create later a Forum Thread to properly document our finding as those things just parish here on Discord.

There more I think about it, I guess it would be a good idea to approach the Admins, maybe they are interested in putting the rankings on their homepage, as it is another cnc game. Of course we should not limit ourselves to them, but the amount of visibility we would receive would be massive, as the ccg community is still rather active there.
Any further ideas, feedback is very welcome. Also if you can provide examples / links how the ladders are run in other communities.

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Re: Ideas for an OpenRA Ladder system

Post by Yara »

Idea: Usage of the Open Source Game Server nakama

If my first intuition is not fooling me, the OpenRA Game Server only needs to forward the game information to the nakama server, and it will take care of everything else. The is a Web API (restful) which can be used for that. We might have to change some stuff to make it work for us, but we could start with the default settings they provide us and see how well it works.

Features we get for free:
  • Users - Register/login new users via social networks, email, or device ID.
  • Storage - Store user records, settings, and other objects in collections.
  • Social - Users can connect with friends, and join groups. Builtin social graph to see how users can be connected.
  • Chat - 1-on-1, group, and global chat between users. Persist messages for chat history.
  • Multiplayer - Realtime, or turn-based active and passive multiplayer.
  • Leaderboards - Dynamic, seasonal, get top members, or members around a user. Have as many as you need.
  • Tournaments - Invite players to compete together over prizes. Link many together to create leagues.
  • Runtime code - Extend the server with custom logic written in Lua or native Go code.
  • Matchmaker, dashboard, metrics, and more.
Maybe, just maybe, all of this could be done in a single day. I will unfortunately not have time before September 11 to test this out and hopefully, nothing new comes in after that.

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