RA Team League: Season 1

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RA Team League: Season 1

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There has been a lot of interest in competitive 2v2 games for the last couple of months so this is something we would like to test.
Initially the plan was to have a 1 day tournament but this turned out to be difficult to schedule at the moment but certainly worth revisiting later.
So yes this tournament is mainly to test how a long term competitive team tournament would play out (scheduling, preparation etc.)

The tournament will start on July 27 - expect it to last for approximately 4 weeks (depends on how many signups) and expect to play at least 1 game per week.
Format is to be defined as it depends on the number of signups. It would be interesting to test a league format but might not be feasible if we get too many signups.

Signups are closed!



- You have maximum 4 weeks to finish your groupstage games (so deadline is August 27th). You are free to play your games whenever you want and in any order. BUT if all the groupstage matches are finished before the deadline we will go straight to the playoffs
- 2 groups (group A and group b) consisting of 6 players each.
- Every groupstage match is a best of 2.
- The top 2 from both groups advances to the playoffs (1A vs 2B, 2A vs 1B)


- You have 3 weeks to finish the playoffs (so deadline is September 14th unless groupstage finishes earlier)
- All games are best of 5


- Players have to pick their spawns before starting the game. In case both teams want the same spawns the home team gets priority
- As soon as one player surrenders or is eliminated the game is considered to be over unless the player leaves the game immediately

Map rules:

We will be using BAIN 2.0 balance with some adjustments. WF cost has been increased from 1700 to 1825. It is possible there might be some other changes

- Will use the RAGL system (so whoever is highest placed picks first).
- Each team may ban 1 map each

- Just like RAGL as well. (first map is pre-set followed by loser's pick.(
- Each team may ban 1 map each
- Oh and a map may only be played once

Map pool:
Agenda 2v2
Alpine Meadows
Black Belt

Map pack:
https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/ ... ATL_S1.rar

We will be using the RAGL discord as the primary channel for communication: https://discord.gg/xBCXrAz

Team hicks (morkel, WhoCares)
F for fris (happy, goat)
Netnazgul was the best admin (Punsho, ZxGanon)
No Bain no gain (Kaution, Goremented)
Stalin's little helpers (spetsnaz84, tttppp)
Yara is a slug (Moods, donb)
Bain's rejects (.1, kazu)
9 ånd student (9, SarahSicaria)
RAPS (Yara, Upps)
Team Little Pink Ponies (Dying Fetus, Widow)
The Kings (Barf, Lorrydriver)
#1 in corona #2 in your hearts (Orb, Medium tank)

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Re: RA Team League: Season 1

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.1 just kicked me after I asked him to give ILM the necessary rights so he can add my teammate Upps to the private channel, as he was missing. I still want to finish RATL, but don't feel like rejoining that server. I will just PM the enemies.

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