Red Alert Classic Tournament

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Red Alert Classic Tournament

Post by CatGirls420 »

So I tried a 2v2 tournament before, the kittournament, and did pretty well, at first, but only 2 teams ended up completing their matches (best 2 of 3).

12 teams, 24 participants entered, but it ended up not reaching completion.

Abarrat's 2v2 tournament did phenomenally better. Goes to show what a difference having the support of the "maintainer's/devs/whatever" makes.

We both ran into similar issues, with players finding it difficult to set up matches with one another.

Maybe the next one will be a total success.

Pretty simple, 1v1s, 2v2s, whatever the hell you wanna do.

Rules/options: No Kill Bounty, No Explored Map, No Build Limit Radius, MCV Only, Fog of War on, Debug off (obviously you fucking troll), crates on or off idc.

If anyone is interested in a tournament with classic red alert options, please post here and I'll give more details if at least 10 people join

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Re: Red Alert Classic Tournament

Post by YuriMolina »

what will be the prize?

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Re: Red Alert Classic Tournament

Post by WhoCares »

There are ghost better to be left in the past.

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