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Post by hamb »

58 - Clemb vs Amphy 29-29 (RA game)
- Casted by FiveAces
- Replay: ... -58.orarep
59 - American Blunt/AOAGeneral vs anjew/kyrylo 29-30 (RA game)
- Casted by FiveAces
- Replay: ... -59.orarep
60 - Spy vs Barf 30-30 (RA game)
- Casted by FiveAces
- Replay: ... -60.orarep
61 - FiveAces vs kyrylo 30-31 (RA game)
- Twitch:
- Youtube:
- Replay: ... -61.orarep

First 3 in this list were covered by FiveAces on his stream (I joined in on the fun) .. last one he played so I jumped in quickly on twitch :D
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Post by kyrylo »

Thanks everyone for your participation! Thanks Ripley for organising this! Thanks xNaquada (hopefully I spelled it right) for providing the servers! Thanks jaZz_KCS for the mumble servers! Thanks for casting FiveAces & hamb! Thanks for co-casting SoScared & Spy! Thanks for doing all the dirty work with the results everyone who was submitting the results!

Proud of my team :)

Replay Archive

Final Game List

01 - Spy vs Murto the Ray 1-0 (RA game)
02 - SuperMethBoy/klaas vs Murto the Ray/gatekeeper 2-0 (RA game)
03 - klaas/FIveAces vs Sean/Gatekeeper 3-0 (RA game)
04 - klaas/Fiveaces/SuperMethBoy vs Murto the Ray/Sean/Gatekeeper 4-0 (RA game)
05 - Ripley vs Amphy 4-1 (RA game)
06 - American Blunt vs Amphy 5-1 (RA game)
07 - Newwe/Spy vs Amphy/Donald Trump 6-1 (RA game)

08 - Spy/Newwe vs Donald Trump/Chamberlain 7-1 (RA game)
09 - FiveAces vs Donald Trump 7-2 (TD game)
10 - FiveAces vs Donald Trump 7-3 (RA game)

11 - FiveAces/Klaas vs Murto The Ray/kyrylo 7-4 (RA game)
12 - AoAGeneral vs kyrylo 8-4 (RA game)
13 - J1nx/klaas vs Sean/Murto The Ray 9-4 (RA game)
14 - FiveAces/J1nx vs anjew/Kinch 10-4 (TD game)
15 - FiveAces/J1nx vs Norman/anjew 10-5 (TD game)
16 - J1nx vs Barf 10-6 (RA game)
17 - Newwe/J1nx vs Barf/Amphy 11-6 (RA game)

18 - Newwe vs Amphy 12-6 (RA game)

19 - NoobMapMaker vs Gatekeeper 12-7 (RA game)
20 - Ripley/Clemb vs Murto the Ray/Gatekeeper 12-8 (D2K game)
21 - Clemb/FiveAces/Ripley vs Gatekeeper/Sean/Murto the Ray 12-9 (RA game)
22 - Newwe vs kyrylo 13-9 (RA game)

23 - Ripley/Newwe vs Amphy/Anjew (RA Game) 14-9

24 - NoobMapMaker vs Gatekeeper 14-10 (RA game)
25 - AoAGeneral vs Gatekeeper 15-10 (D2K game)
26 - Clemb vs Barf 15-11 (RA game)
27 - American Blunt vs anjew 15-12 (TD game)
28 - American Blunt vs anjew 16-12 (RA game)
29 - Ripley/Clemb vs anjew/Barf 16-13 (TD game)
30 - FiveAces/Spy vs Anjew/Barf 17-13 (TD game)
31 - Spy/Ripley/Clemb vs Kyrylo/Barf/Anjew 17-14 (RA game)

32 - Spy vs Kyrylo 18-14 (RA game)
33 - Spy vs Kyrylo 19-14 (TD game)
34 - Spy vs Kyrylo 20-14 (RA game)
35 - American Blunt/klaas vs Sean/Barf 21-14 (RA game)
36 - AoAGeneral vs anjew 22-14 (D2K game)
37 - FiveAces vs anjew 22-15 (TD game)

38 - Ripley/American Blunt vs anjew/Donald Trump 22-16 (TD game)
39 - Newwe/American Blunt/SuperMethBoy vs Donald Trump/anjew/Barf 22-17 (RA game)
40 - Newwe/American Blunt vs Donald Trump/Barf 22-18 (RA game)
41 - Ripley vs Anjew 22-19 (RA game)

42 - klaas vs kyrylo 23-19 (RA game)
43 - Clemb/klaas vs Gatekeeper/Murto the Ray 23-20 (RA game)
44 - AoAGeneral/NoobMapmaker/J1nx/FiveAces vs Murto the Ray/Anjew/Gatekeeper/Kyrylo 23-21 (RA game)
45 - AoAGeneral/NoobMapmaker vs Gatekeeper/Anjew 23-22 (RA game)
46 - Spy/J1NX vs kyrylo/Gatekeeper 24-22 (TD game)
47 - Ripley vs kyrylo 24-23 (D2K game)

48 - AoAGeneral vs Anjew 24-24 (TD game)
49 - American Blunt/AoAGeneral vs Barf/Chamberlain 25-24 (RA game)
50 - Newwe vs Barf 25-25 (RA game)
51 - Newwe/SuperMethBoy vs Barf/Amphy 26-25 (RA game)

52 - FiveAces/SuperMethBoy/Spy vs kyrylo/Murto the Ray/Barf 27-25 (RA game)
53 - J1NX/SuperMethBoy vs Barf/anjew 27-26 (RA game)
54 - AoAGeneral vs Anjew 28-26 (TD game)
55 - FiveAces/American Blunt vs Donald Trump/kyrylo 29-26 (D2K game)
56 - FiveAces/Ripley vs Donald Trump/Anjew 29-27 (TD game)
57 - Spy/American Blunt/Ripley vs Kyrylo/Barf/Anjew 29-28 (RA game)

58 - Clemb vs Amphy 29-29 (RA game)
59 - American Blunt/AoAGeneral vs anjew/kyrylo 29-30 (RA game)
60 - Spy vs Barf 30-30 (RA game)
61 - FiveAces vs kyrylo 30-31 (RA game)


Games played by mod:
  1. Red Alert 43
  2. Tiberian Dawn 13
  3. D2K 5
Game types
  1. 1v1 - 29
  2. 2v2 - 26
  3. 3v3 - 5
  4. 4v4 - 1
Games played by player:
  1. anjew 21
  2. kyrylo 17
  3. Barf 16
  4. FiveAces 15
  5. Gatekeeper 12
  6. Spy 12
  7. Ripley 11
  8. American Blunt 11
  9. Newwe 10
  10. Murto the Ray 10
  11. Donald Trump 9
  12. AoAGeneral 9
  13. klaas 8
  14. Amphy 8
  15. J1nx 8
  16. Clemb 7
  17. SuperMethBoy 6
  18. Sean 5
  19. NoobMapMaker 4
  20. Chamberlain 2
  21. Kinch 1
  22. Norman 1
Games won by player:
  1. anjew 15
  2. Spy 10
  3. Barf 9
  4. kyrylo 8
  5. Gatekeeper 7
  6. Newwe 7
  7. FiveAces 6
  8. Donald Trump 6
  9. klaas 6
  10. American Blunt 5
  11. Murto the Ray 5
  12. AoAGeneral 5
  13. J1nx 4
  14. SuperMethBoy 4
  15. Amphy 2
  16. Sean 1
  17. Norman 1
  18. Ripley 1
  19. Clemb 0
  20. NoobMapMaker 0
  21. Chamberlain 0
  22. Kinch 0

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Post by anjew »

kyrylo wrote: Games played by player:
  1. Norman 1
Games won by player:
  1. Norman 1
Even after being disqualified, Norman manages to have the best statistics in the game, gg

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Post by PersianImmortal »

anjew wrote:
kyrylo wrote: Games played by player:
  1. Norman 1
Games won by player:
  1. Norman 1
Even after being disqualified, Norman manages to have the best statistics in the game, gg
Yes. This is why #WeStandWithNorman

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Post by SoScared »

Congratulations to Team Kyroly!! Holy crap that's the most persistent catchup I've ever seen in a tournament! And there I was 4 days back thinking this tournament was over. We had a few borderline "charity matches" along the way to support equalizing the score but overall the experience was completely unpredictable.

Nicely done and congratulations to everybody for participationg and helping this tournament to be the BIGGEST OPENRA TOURNAMENT TO DATE!!! 61 matches!??! :D

Thanks a lot to FiveAces and Hamb for sticking to a long, scheduled and dedicated streams! This is no small undertaking. While I could oftentimes lay back and chill during between matches, FiveAces was constantly scanning for matches to get the action going. There's no possible way for us to end up with 61 friggin matches without his constant turn-on for match-ups, every hour, for 4-5 hours, often past midnight local time, every day for 7 days! Remember (if I may say this) FiveAces has a dayjob that requires a lot of his attention off-stream. That's stamina folks.

Also, and I barely got to mention it the last stream day due to my slumber, big thanks to for running dedicated tournament servers across all the mods. This helped us greatly to collect players quickly in before every match. Players always knew where to find the tournament when they were ready to play. has a very friendly American OpenRA community of which I had the privilege to play with one day during a session of insomnia :) They enjoy wathcing OpenRA develop and have had the ability to follow the tournament live during hamb's stream.

A final big thank you to Ripley and every contributor to set up the tournament format and help with technical issues during our sessions, especially to jazZ_KCS for availing us his server for the replay archive and the very convenient OpenRA channel on his Mumble server.

We've loosely talked about how awesome it would be to have the Big Team Tournament as a yearly event, having the 2014 BTT as a successful "test run", the 2015 BTT a phenomenon surpassing all expectations, and perhaps, future BTT's that will just grow to include even more of our small thriving community.

Another great victory, for the people.
Cheers, SoScared
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Post by jaZz_KCS »

I hope that we did a good job by bringing ppl together, not only during the tourney, but in general. We wanted ppl to interact more with each other. Especially between devs and the playerbase. I think, we did a good job with that one...

I would like to take the chance to thank the hosts, devs, casters, helpers and - last but definitely not least - the players contributing to this wholesome and satisfying experience. A lot of ppl have been "working overtime" in order for this to happen. There are no regrets though. Not at all...

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Post by newwe »

kyrylo wrote: Games played by player:
anjew 21
Games won by player:
anjew 15
PED test on anjew please.

Thanks again to everyone involved, and congrats Team Kyrylo!

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Post by Ripsn »


Thankyou Soscared for covering all the gratitude's. i second every single one of them
i will try and than everyone individually when i see you. buty everyone knows what large or small way they contributed, and OUR tournament wouldnt have succeeded without the combined actions of you all

61 freaken matches.

Everything surpassed my wildest ideas of what would happen here. apart from one very normanish glitch in our system we ran along fairly faultless

Congratulations to BOTH out captains. both of tyou were hard working and dedicated.
you were not obligated to put in the as much effort as you did, so it just goes to show the amount of dedication and 'love' for the game and the tourny you really did have.

FiveAces. you were by far the biggesrt Cog in our openra tourny machine.
noone will deny this, and i genuinely hope i have the chance to work with you and the ComCast team for any and all future tournaments i run.

To all the server and hosting members that Soscared mentioned above. a very big thankyou. a VERY big thankyou. a very VERY big thankyou.
technical mumbo jumbo is not my department. so it was nice to have people in the know on site for immediate problem solving (Jazz you da man!)

Spy & SoScared: the busy beavers of the streams and games.. i would like to offer you Both permanent tournament official status.

Pchote: your beautiful Forum. this is our Tournament home and its perfect. Thankyou.

hamb, hambone, h4mb, hamby hamberson jort jort. Covering our alternative time slot was no easy task, and a very big and very genuine Thankyou to your efforts covering a slow and difficult slot. adding your commentary experience to fiveaces streams, and generally helping out wherever you were

Clemb: my right hand man. he will tell you he didnt do anything, but that is horsecrap. couldnt have done it without you dude. thanks for everything. hope we can continue this team in the future

Finally to all the players
the most important rule for me was 'All players must work towards making this tournament a success', and that is exactly what everyone (well everyone except 1) did.
this tournament was not a success because of the management or the captains, it was a success because EVERYONE had the best attitude possible, even when playing well past a reasonable hour.
So thankyou all, everyone. yup, even you....YEAH YOU!

So to sum it all up.
Congratulations Team Kyrylo for a hard fought comeback and victory
And i can confidently say i will push for this to be an annual event.
Ripsn / Ripley
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Murto the Ray
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Post by Murto the Ray »

The tournament was great! Thanks everybody for making it a success!

It was really nice to get to talk to the variety of people in the OpenRA community, hardcore players and developers alike :D It would be great to have this as an annual event, i'm looking forward to next year's already!

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Post by noobmapmaker »

My previous message has disappeared, didnt sent it properly...

But like everyone: thanks everyone for the great tournament!! Thanks ripley for organising, pchote for facilitaiting and all the casters for very very entertaining casts. Great commentary, loved it!

And, well, congratulations to team Kyrylo. Nice comeback :D
Playlist with ALL games of the Dark Tournament
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Post by r34ch »

I watched most of the streams when I could - very entertaining and well played by everyone.

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Congratulations All!

Post by xnaquada »

Hi all,

I just wanted to pop in and say congratulations. That doesn't quite seem to cut word... so let me expand.

The OpenRA community is something special. Not every game has a community like this - whether it's an opensource game, a free game, a fan-project or even a commercial release, this is one of those rare communities that it's a pleasure to get to know everyone you come across. It doesn't matter if it's a developer, or a youtube/twitch streamer or well known community members or even bumping into someone for the first time ingame, on Mumble or even IRC -- this is one of those great places to meet like minded people and have healthy, upbeat interactions -- something that is fast becoming a rarity in the internet world.

The fact that a community the size of OpenRA was able to band together, support one another, and participate in a week long tournament, and had FUN doing so, was immensely satisfying to see. From the games I was able to observe, everyone was friendly and having fun, win or lose - no toxicity!

So congratulations to the organizers, the casters, the tech folk, the team captains, the participants and developers! Those of us on the observation side of this tournament were treated to a whole lot of entertainment.

From me personally and from ConstructiveTyranny , I just want to say Congratulations OpenRA community!! We've got a lot of members that play OpenRA, and we are very happy to be a part of this community <3

- xNaquada

ps. Thanks Penev for pointing me to this thread

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Post by FiveAces »

Thanks to everyone who helped in making this possible!

It was an incredibly fun week; everyone seems to agree that the tournament definitely was a success on every level.
Really happy to see hamb and spy step up and livecast the American timeslot!

Apologies to my team and the audience for not being able to deliever a match worthy of a grand finale;
the week had been physically way more taxing than I had expected, and in the final match vs Kyrylo, sleep deprivation got the better of me.

Congratulations to my team who kept on offsetting the point penalties I imposed on them by taking on skewed matchups,
and congratulations to Team Kyrylo for being persistent enough to always keep up and eventually pull ahead!

I'm hoping to see more tournaments in the future; it is my firm believe that competitive events
are key to generating outside interest and expanding the community in the long run.

As you may have heard on stream, I've been in talks with Ripley and SoScared and we will host another tournament in spring;
this time, the format will most likely be a 2v2 Tag Team Tournament with a bracket elimination system and a pretty large prize pool,
so keep an eye out for the announcement!

Our livecast VODs are being processed as we speak,
but considering that we had a staggering 61 matches and I don't want to clutter the inboxes of my subscribers with uploads,
I may opt to put them onto the official OpenRA youtube channel instead,
if they allow me to do that.

With that in mind, be sure to check out SoScared's European Alpha League 1v1 if you are a fan of competitive Command&Conquer!

So long, and thanks for all the fish!

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Post by noobmapmaker »

No worries FiveAces! I was alot into winning this tournament, but just before the end I learned a valuable lesson: it's not about who wins (SO TEAM KYRYLO SHUT UP ABOUT IT) but it's about the journey we make together.
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Post by klaas »

noobmapmaker wrote: No worries FiveAces! I was alot into winning this tournament, but just before the end I learned a valuable lesson: it's not about who wins (SO TEAM KYRYLO SHUT UP ABOUT IT) but it's about the journey we make together.
I also learned this in the final match lol. BTW, if you ever find the time to upload your stream that would be nice FiveAces. I'd love to see some of the games back, specially the ones where you cast, play and lose all at the same time.... =P

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