TCN C&C:RA 2v2 Tournament

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TCN C&C:RA 2v2 Tournament

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Who: Teams of 2. This is a 2vs2 tournament[/center].
What: We will be using the 20120504 build of OpenRA which can be found here:

Code: Select all!1026&authkey=!ADvVzSfhYHpsjw0
Port 1234 on your firewall/routers must be open to host the matches.
When: Saturday, March 16th 2013 @ 12:00PM EST (GMT -5) Till 8PM EST. Tournament will continue at 12:00PM EST on the 17th if all matches are not played.
Where: You may join up on the time of the matches in 3 places.
- On Ventrilo: JBX Gaming Service - Port 5004
- On IRC: Channel #TCN
- On TCN Steam Chat Group: TCN Steam Page
Why: This tournament will be used to see if Red Alert will be used in league play. The good people at OpenRA have ported Red Alert out to higher spectrum machines and made it playable at higher graphics while maintaining excellent game play that is Command & Conquer.

Additional Notes: The following information is required to play in the game.
1. You must registered your team with both players in the forum. Click the "Read More" button below this post to go directly to it.
2. You must have port TCP/UDP 1234 open on your router and firewall to play.
3. You must show up on time to proceed with play.
4. Replays of the match must be saved and uploaded after each match.
5. No shows counts as a forfeit.
6. This is single Elimination. Once your dead. Your out.
7. Player/Host Crash or Drop will result in a REMATCH, If player does not Reconnect it will be Considered a Forfeit
8. Administrator holds the right to change maps, rules, deadlines, or terms at any time before start of even.

Sign Ups will be from now till Friday, March 15th 2013 at 8PM EST.

Sign Up Here --> ... p?tid=5144

Full information here:

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considering Jukebox dropped out, lets tourny 0630 instead?

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If anyone needs a partner I'm not terribly good but I'll play with you.

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