RA Team League: Season 3

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RA Team League: Season 3

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Blackened and I are happy to announce the third season of RATL. It truth it was meant to be announced a little earlier but I kind of forgot (thanks to the discord reminder though!).

The tournament will start on December 4th with sign ups closing the day before and please do note there will be a Christmas break.
As usual the format will depend on the number of signups - but you should definitely expect the tournament to last several weeks and you should also expect to play multiple games. So please keep this in mind before signing up (as we will be more strict when it comes to delays this time around); and in terms of scheduling please also consider who you team up with.

Rules will largely be the same as last season - although we will be looking into how delays work (so expect it to be more strict) and we might add some rules regarding the spawns (more on this later).

Please do also note that for balance we will be using BI 4.0 + naval changes (so same balance that was used in Blackened's Dark tournament).
We might make some slight adjustements to the balance before the tournament begins if we find it to be necessary.

- Players have to pick their spawns before starting the game. In case both teams want the same spawns the home team gets priority (subject to change)
- As soon as one player surrenders or is eliminated the game is considered to be over unless the player leaves the game immediately
- Players are encouraged to play games before their scheduled time, but it is not necessary. The schedule is designed to gently encourage players to play rather than wait until the end.
- Depending on size/format delays would be used for when players couldn't meet within a given week.
- Subs are allowed to fill in for a team mate should the need arise. However, the opponents on the other team are required to agree to the subsititution.
- If for whatever reason the teams can't decide on a reasonable sub then delays will come into play. Anything further should be brought to the admins attention.
- (If playoffs are part of the format then eligible players are required to have played 50% of the season. I.e. A team couldn't bring in a ringer for the playoffs)

Map pool:
- To be announced.
- We would however like to encourage map makers to come up with new 2v2 maps for the tournament.

How to sign up:
To sign up please do it either through this forum thread, the competitive discord channel or message Blackened or me through here or on discord.
Please provide a teamname (nothing too edgy) and the names of the two players on the team. Feel free to change the name of the team until the tournament starts.

Sign ups:
1. Team Blorb (Blackened, Orb)
2. Team Yorrick Hunt (Anjew, Dying Fetus)
3. Rise of the Minions (Fiwo, goldie)
4. Slot Admin (creo, Fazzar)
5. Team Mensa (despro, Happy)
6. Unstoppable Upps & Unano United, UUUU (Unano, Upps)
7. M̶X̶N̶X̶ (Master, NewbieX)
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Re: RA Team League: Season 3

Post by Orb »

Blackened and I are signing up again.

Team Blorb

Dying Fetus
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Re: RA Team League: Season 3

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Anjew and I are teaming up.

Team Yorrick Hunt

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Re: RA Team League: Season 3

Post by fiwo »

goldiie and fiwo
Team: Rise of the Minions

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