Red Alert Global League: Season 12 - Weekly Highlights

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Red Alert Global League: Season 12 - Weekly Highlights

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Weekly Highlights

This thread is intended to link to some of the best bits from RAGL without any spoilers. I'll try to post each week with some of the games that caught my eye and link to any coverage on YouTube or Twitch. The season has started off running with seventeen fixtures being played this week, and most of the rest being delayed by active players. Currently only FiveAces is at risk of getting strikes.

milkman has taken over hosting from bug this season, and has added a feature to hide the winner on the replays page, so you can now download the replays spoiler-free from this page:

Masters Match of the Week

This was a really special match - definitely worth watching.

Bain vs Sigil (Masters)
Game 1: ... dffcaa6260
Game 2: ... 652e310838

Best of the Rest

milkman was brought up to Minions at the last minute to fill a place left by Kaution deciding not to join this season. His first match in RAGL was a nice one!

milkman vs Nilhall (Minions)
Game 1: ... 07b84fd8c6
Game 2: ... 758c622111

Ekanim vs worldpeace (Minions)
Game 1: ... a5b8b8b928
Game 2: ... d1a9c92206

Honourable Mentions

Another really interesting match from worldpeace, this time against newcomer Tux:

tux vs worldpeace (Minions)
Game 1: ... e7c14827e8
Game 2: ... 2bb378db45

This season sees the return of the Recruits division, and the highlight for me this week was this match between BeTe and Mees:

bete vs Mees (Recruits)
Game 1: ... 617ee7c7c9
Game 2: ... 9eda780d16

I've not seen all of the matches from this week so there are probably others that should have been included in this list. If you have a highlight then feel free to share it below.

If you want to see the current league tables then they are available on the RAGL site:
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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 12 - Weekly Highlights

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Week two was a lighter week for Masters and Minions as there was only a single fixture each. The season alternates between one match and two matches per week, but this is smoothed out by players delaying matches. Even so there was a wealth of interesting games and I've collected some of my personal highlights here.

Masters Match of the Week

Of this week's three Masters matches then this one stood out as best.

despro vs maceman (Masters)
Game 1: ... 412ddc9025
Game 2: ... 1f9568e9f3

Best of the Rest

A couple of matches from Recruits stood out for me as highlights. First up a RAGL veteran against one of this season's newcomers.

Tailix Killa Mentor vs Mees (Recruits)
Game 1: ... b79baa5446
Game 2: ... 64f4e69981

Also in Recruits we had this match which featured both "historical" maps - Agita (S09) and Annihilate (S10):

chouchani vs spetsnaz84 (Recruits)
Game 1: ... 89b3ed4276
Game 2: ... 47c9da15fb

Honourable Mentions

There were plenty of good matches in Minions this week - I could have included Jur against Milkman or Tux against me, but the one that stood out was Margot vs Hans:

Margot Honecker vs Nilhall (Minions)
Game 1: ... 93a1c7f8e2
Game 2: ... 879f7008b2

Finally, this game was a nice one so I wanted to include it in the highlights. This match was at about 4am for Bain and so I assume that's why there wasn't a second. To complicate matters further Bain has since dropped from the Competitive Discord server. This has fueled speculation that Bain will season forfeit, but for the time being he's still in the league.

anjew vs Mr Cloudy (Masters)
Game 1: ... e31cc559c3

Week 3 will be a double game week for all divisions, so there should be plenty to talk about next time!

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 12 - Weekly Highlights

Post by tux »

Ah yes that was the first ragl match I actually built a radar xD
the v2s were very useless though hahahhaha

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 12 - Weekly Highlights

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Week three was a double game week for all three divisions and quite a few delayed matches were played too. This resulted in a lot of very good games.

Master's Match of the Week

Kicking us off this week is the match between two popular picks to win this season.

Blackened vs despro (Masters)
Game 1: ... 7644a8e8c5
Game 2: ... 97ee770591

Best of the Rest

Mo delayed a couple of matches at the start of the season, but as soon as he's back then he's filling the highlights.

Margot Honecker vs Mo (Minions)
Game 1: ... 90455e5088
Game 2: ... a7a48c07e1

Meanwhile in Recruits there was a great match between BeTe and spetsnaz:

bete vs spetsnaz84 (Recruits)
Game 1: ... 0efa9673eb
Game 2: ... ae1b2602a7

Honourable Mentions

Up until Sunday I had some different matches to finish off the highlights (anjew vs Unano and Hans vs Dodder), but Mo had an insane week, so here are a couple more nice matches from Mo.

Mo vs tux (Minions)
Game 1: ... 699e816a40
Game 2: ... 4c3b645668

Jur vs Mo (Minions)
Game 1: ... ea1889c0d7
Game 2: ... 69c24d40e8

Finally there are a few season forfeits to report. We've had confirmation that Bain has dropped from Masters, which has freed up a delay for FiveAces and he's immediately reused it for his Week 3 matches. In Recruits then daswaseinbefel (WalterWh) has forfeit and jawsh has disappeared and will almost certainly get his last two strikes at midnight UTC tonight.

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Re: Red Alert Global League: Season 12 - Weekly Highlights

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On paper then Week 4 looked like a quiet week, with only one match for each player. Given the forfeits from last week then some players had a week off entirely. However we had eleven matches in Masters this week (including five by Unano) turning it into something of a bumper week.

Masters Match of the Week

FiveAces has finally had time to start the season, and the match of the week for me was this one where he played Unano.

FiveAces vs maceman (Masters)
Game 1: ... 72dfd204ab
Game 2: ... 7052f88116

Best of the Rest

Meanwhile despro (Kautious Kup 5 winner) is up against Upps (who was in the Season 11 playoffs).

despro vs Upps (Masters)
Game 1: ... 0c944cab07
Game 2: ... 05a64e6ada

In Minions Dodder played Mint (Ekanim). The first game was really great and for the second one my notes just say "!!!"

Dodder vs Ekanim (Minions)
Game 1: ... 9b72809bcb
Game 2: ... dcd8992d10

Honourable Mentions

Mo dominated the highlights last week, and I thought our match from this week was also worth a watch.

Mo vs TTTPPP (Minions)
Game 1: ... 0c16a776da
Game 2: ... d1adf19ba5

Finally here's a match from Recruits featuring newcomer Liquid! (Azure) against spetsnaz84:

Azure Anemone vs spetsnaz84 (Recruits)
Game 1: ... 75bbcd837e
Game 2: ... 43483ee451

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