Bridge sprites for the editor

While creating maps I noticed the lack of long span bridge and missing sprites in certain directions

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Bridge sprites for the editor

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While creating maps I noticed the lack of bridge sprites for longer bridges (see pictures). You get vertical, horizontal, and transversal bridges for rivers but not if you want to connect shores that a further apart. The only workaround is placing bridge tiles tightly together getting ugly land stripes next to the bridge columns. The same sprites could be used without the small tiny land part but water instead.
The only provided bridge to connect two further apart shores is a southwest-northeast bridge but not in southeast-northwest direction.
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Re: Bridge sprites for the editor

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There are sprites for long diagonal bridges, you need to combine several different tiles for it and then use the middle one as extension.

The ones you're showing on the screenshots are river crossing bridges and those have a fixed length.

Upd: There was work by MustaphaTR on making all other types of extensible bridges, but the core logic behind bridges couldn't allow it and still needs to be rewritten.

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