More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

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More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

Post by eddieballgame »

For those that are interested in not seeing hundreds of units in a game of Dune (dk2), I have done up a little mod to address this.
Adjusting the cost of the Infantry, Vehicles, & Structures, I have come up with a version that offers a different challenge/experience.
To use this mod, simply back up the 'rules' folder in the OpenRA/mods/dk2 folder & replace with the following attachment. (unzipped of course)

Here is the Readme:
OpenRA/mods/rules --- backup & replace 'rules' folder with the modded 'RULES' folder

COSTS OF ALL UNITS ( INFANTRY & VEHICLES ) = X 10 ( HARVESTORS = 1000 per 'refinery' )


concretea: Cost: 20 --- BuildDurationModifier: 40 (was 54)

concreteb: Cost: 40 (was 50) --- BuildDuration: 40 (was 81)

construction_yard: Cost: 1000 (was 2000)

wind_trap: Cost: 200 (was 225)

barracks: Cost: 100 (was 225)

refinery: Cost: 1000 (was 1500)

silo: Cost: 100 (was 120)

light_factory: Cost: 200 (was 500)

heavy_factory: Cost: 400 (was 1000)

outpost: Cost: 500 (was 750)

starport: Cost: 10000 (was 1500)--- BuildDuration: 2160 (was 540) --- VEHICLES are half priced

wall: Cost: 20 --- BuildDuration: 20 (was 54) --- Health:HP: 40000 (was 20000)

medium_gun_turret: Cost: 200 (was 550)

large_gun_turret: Cost: 400 (was 750)

repair_pad: Cost: 400 (was 800)

high_tech_factory: Cost: 1000 (was 1150)

research_centre: Cost: 500 (was 1000)

palace: Cost: 1000 (was 1600) --- Health: HP: 80000 (was 40000)
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Re: More Expensive Units for Dune (dk2)

Post by VonBruinwald »

Nice start.

Not sure if you're aware but if you create a YAML with just the changes you want to make you can append it to the end of the mod file and it will load your changes replacing the existing values:

For example:
If you create a file named "pricewars.yaml" and put the following in it.

Code: Select all

		Cost: 20
		BuildDurationModifier: 40

		Cost: 40
		BuildDurationModifier: 40

		Cost: 1000
Then append the filename to the the end of rules in the mod.yaml:


Your changes you made will still take effect.
It saves a lot of hunting through files when you make changes to your code and bork something up or want to tweak it.
Take a look at my TeamTurkey mod to see how it's done on a larger scale.

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