Convert Dune2000 .map to .oramap possible?

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Convert Dune2000 .map to .oramap possible?

Post by Muadib »

The OpenRA Dune2000 map editor is not the most userfriendly map editor. Is it possible to convert maps created in older d2keditors (.map files) to OpenRA .oramap files? Are there other compatible OpenRA D2K editors? Thx

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Re: Convert Dune2000 .map to .oramap possible?

Post by SirCake »

I have been making some maps with the OpenRA editor, it's ok and easy enough to use. Use the copy paste feature to copy parts of bigger tiles.

But if you insist on using other editors, you can do so. You'll have to convert the map using the command line OpenRA utility executable (in your OpenRA install folder)

You'll need to specify the correct tile set, or you will get conversion errors. See for an example for the command line arguments.

Also note that scripts cannot be converted ( mission triggers etc)

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Re: Convert Dune2000 .map to .oramap possible?

Post by SIlverG »

Hello, this is my first time trying to import .map files via OpernRA.Utilty

using CMD> I type the following, naturally I have navigated to the OpenRa Folder: OpenRA>OpenRA.Utility.exe d2k --import-d2k-map BLOXICE.R8

And I get the following message:
Error: Utility application crashed. See utility.log for details

Unhandled Exception: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element
at System.Linq.Enumerable.Single[TSource](IEnumerable`1 source, Func`2 predicate)
at OpenRA.Mods.Common.Traits.AppearsOnMapPreviewInfo.OpenRA.Traits.IMapPreviewSignatureInfo.PopulateMapPreviewSignatureCells(Map map, ActorInfo ai, ActorReference s, List`1 destinationBuffer)
at OpenRA.Map.SavePreview()
at OpenRA.Map.Save(IReadWritePackage toPackage)
at OpenRA.Mods.D2k.UtilityCommands.ImportD2kMapCommand.OpenRA.IUtilityCommand.Run(Utility utility, String[] args)
at OpenRA.Program.Main(String[] args)

Am I doing something wrong?

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Re: Convert Dune2000 .map to .oramap possible?

Post by abcdefg30 »

The crash suggests the map has actors which define an owner (house) that does not exist.

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Re: Convert Dune2000 .map to .oramap possible?

Post by SIlverG »


I have Ordos, Atreides, Harkonnen, Smuggler, Mercennaries, Fremen and Emperor.

I have made that the Allocation Indexes are:
Harkonnen: 1
Atreides: 1
Ordos: 2
Emperor: 1
Fremen: 1
Smuggler: 5
Mercenarries: 6

So this shows that Atreides -> Fremen have all Harkonnen Buildings.
Smugglers are Brown Ordos
Mercenarries are Yellow Ordos

This map functions flawlessly with Gruntmods. WOuld however like to covert it to openRA because there I can add more enemy reinforcements and make the game more of a challenge.

And, yeah, the in-game Map editor is good, but not good enough... It takes me to make a map about 30minutes more, than in Gruntmods D2KEditor, where you can select brush size, cliff types etc. more easly, plus I can't place any buildings for sides Atreides - Mercenarry.

The OpernRa.Utility.exe needs a huge update, because it can not convert any from the Original Game or Gruntmods..... pitty.
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Thanks for the help

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