Animated Tiles/TileSet possible?

Is it possible to make animated ground tiles like gras or flowers blowing in the wind

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Animated Tiles/TileSet possible?

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i wonder if it is possible to make Tiles that are animated.
i know that i can make actors like trees and aniamte them, but what about if i want to make an animated ground tile like gras moving to the wind or flowers.

if i do this with an actor it occupies a space which means you cant place a building on it.

Is it possible to make an anmiated tile that you can build on and if yes how?
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Re: Animated Tiles/TileSet possible?

Post by abcdefg30 »

Sadly I don't think this is currently possible. We have an open issue for it: OpenRA/OpenRA#6433

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Re: Animated Tiles/TileSet possible?

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The best idea I can think of which doesn't need coding tricks would be periodically detonating an ownerless weapon with Lua from the world actor and chaining the animation to it.

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