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LUA Greece.Build

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Hey there guys,

I recently have a problem with the build function in red alert and hope you can help me.

Problem is the line 'Greece.Build(GreeceInfantryTeam, function(unit))' doesn't work properly (it just doesn't build any units for some reason) if Greece only has production buildings which are placed by LUA with 'actor.create' since release20180307. Before I played with release20171014 and everything worked fine.

Is there any way to get Greece.Build to work? I can exclude that the problem is on my script because it works fine with release20171014 and the same issue occurs in the mission soviet05 where the enemy builds a base on an island.

The function which I'm trying to fix can be found in this script "GreeceInfantryProduction": ... eeceAI.lua (Script is a intended for release20180307 but I'm getting it to work with current release but I just can't fix Greece.Build)

I also posted an issue about it here:

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