ClonesProducedUnits & Clonable Trait

how do these Traits work?

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ClonesProducedUnits & Clonable Trait

Post by Zeruel87 »


it seems that the two traits ClonesProducedUnits & Clonable do not work.

i tested it by adding this to a CnC Pyle (GDI barracks)

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	CloneableTypes: test
and this to a normal MG Soldier (e1)

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	Types: test
but everytime i build a unit only 1 comes out and not 2... or am i missunderstanding the use of this trait?
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Re: ClonesProducedUnits & Clonable Trait

Post by MustaphaTR »

This trait is for RA2 Cloning Vats stuff. It is meant to be on a different building than the actual producer.

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