Red Alert 2, no game discs

Is there a way to mod the RA2 mod to not need the game discs?

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Red Alert 2, no game discs

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So, here's the scoop. Me and my scout troop have been playing RA2 (actual game, not openRA) for years at a scout event where we stay up all night and play video games. The scouts who owned the game discs, however, aged out last year, and the game discs went with them. Nobody really wants to pay for new ones, so I did some digging and found openRA. Amazing! A freeware solution! Then I found out about the RA2 mod, but I was blocked when I tried to load it by the lack of said game discs. So, I am wondering if it would be feasible to edit it to use the openRA art. I would be more than happy to make my own art for anything not included in the original game (again, if this is possible). However, I have no idea where to start with editing the mod, or even if it sounds possible. Any help?

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Re: Red Alert 2, no game discs

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Re: Red Alert 2, no game discs

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Here in Europe RA2 disks are dirt cheap. RA2 for openra is far from finished and uses the same art. However openra houses many free mods. If you must play RA2 then sadly you'll need to pay out for it. Even the RA2 mods from other places aren't stand alone builds.

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