TD: Rush

Faster paced TD. Tournament on the 20th!

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TD: Rush

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Welcome back, Commander.

After the relatively successful Allies Overhaul mod I did (Linky), I figured I'd take a crack at TD as well. The intentions of this mod are little different, however. I wanted to change the base game play of TD to be more enjoyable. Too often games end in 6 minutes because of a slight misstep in micro, or a bad bluff. Once your opponent gets ahead there's usually nothing you can do.

That's where TD: Rush comes in. I've essentially upped the pace of the game (as the name implies). You'll get your economy set up much faster and get right into the action. With less fragile economies/assets, battles often go back forth and well into the T3 stage. Play testers have called it an "adrenaline rush". It's intense, but fun! Your micro and macro will be tested to your limits.

The mod is already finished. I did all testing "internally". So with the announcement of this mod I am also announcing a tournament! There will be a minimal prize pool of $50 with 20% of that going to a random participant. The tournament will be on the 20th of October which Soscared has so graciously offered to cover. Signups are Here.

Manufacturing Consent (Low Money)
Burning Hammer
Valley of Gold (6P)
Valley of Gold (8P)
Twisted Ichor Wasteland
Pirates and Emperors
Badland Ridges

In addition to upping the pace of the game, I've also added in some quality of life features and some interesting CnC3 ideas. Sending harvesters to harvest blue Tiberium (leeching) is very effective.

Reduced prices of everything but defenses to 80% of value/build time.
Made all build times match cost (Defenses, MCV, harvester, LT, APC, Powerplant).
Custom build time on air strip, reduced build time by 6 seconds (takes 12 seconds for the first vehicle to arrive).
All units have +1 vision (not buildings).
Rockets are the same speed as rifles now. Harvester speed increased (85->99).
Engineer capture is now external capture with timer. Can capture at any structure health.
War factory area repair implemented that heals through combat. SD repair rate doubled.
MCV build requirement no longer requires SD.
Chaingun damage from airstrike doesn't 1 shot light vehicles.
AGT lost anti-air and moved to T3, sam site given to GDI.
Flametroopers no longer kill themselves. Husks no longer do damage when they expire.
Harvestor price 800 -> 900.
Removed construction building placement delay.

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