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UN Tiberian Dawn Mod Maps

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As I've been working for this on and off for a while now, I thought it might be worth starting a thread here in case anyone has any interest, feedback or suggestions.

Basically it's a complete rework of a lot of the rules in TD to make it feel more like the original game. I'm not trying to exactly reproduce how the original game played, I'm trying to find good gameplay nearer to the original game.

Right now I find it pretty playable although I'm sure there are lots of things that I've missed or that aren't right, or could just be improved.

The current maps that I've applied these changes to are linked here:

Hatchet (UN5): (1v1)

Splice (UN5): (3v3)

Both maps I made specifically for this as I find it works better when you have to move about a bit more and have more standing Tiberium.

There are far too many changes to list them out here, but here's a summary:
> Unit stats are different.
> Tech tree is completely different.
> Tiberium gets mined out quicker.
> Helipads come with an Orca/Apache, but they need to return to rearm.
> Nod's Mobile SAM has been changed back to the SSM Launcher.
> GDI's Rocket Launcher can shoot air.
> GDI's APC is no longer AA, but just a normal APC.
> Excess Tiberium is wasted, instead of harvesters waiting for space.
> Engineers immediately capture tech structures regardless of owner.
> Engineers external capture base structures.
> MCVs can move fairly quickly.
> Biolab only gives Tiberium immunity to units - no production.

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