“Creeper†Units that act like a standard skirmish bot?

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“Creeper†Units that act like a standard skirmish bot?

Post by Dieter122 »

Is there any way to make the “creeper†affiliation units to act like a standard skirmish bot?

I know there *is* a single script to make war factories produce units... however it’s not reliant upon money/credits... also the creeper just sits there.. doesn’t launch attacks or anything.

I’m looking at giving a computer player a fully made pre made base ... that would act as a buffer and split a map in half essentially.

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Post by abcdefg30 »

There is a "Bot" property on player references, so you could try doing something like:

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		Name: USSR
		Faction: soviet
		Color: FE1100
		Bot: rush
		Enemies: Greece, England

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