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Re: Bold Balance Playtest Maps

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I will be taking a hiatus from openra, for at least a year. But I found one final unfinished map I wanted to share with you.

The Idea was to create a map which tells you what you are doing wrong (from the perspective of optimal competitive play) in a 1v1 situation. For example not deploying your mcv fast enough, not building units while floating chash or having "ineffective" harvesters. Planned later even with voice comments of well known casters. I think it should run on release-20180307.
I didn't want to create this map alone and several attempts at working together with other people and high level players failed (because they are slouches ;) ). So I put that one aside.

I will not provide any support whatsoever but if you are interested, then do whatever you want with it!

(I will only read PMs)
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