New Mod for TD: Apolyton

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New Mod for TD: Apolyton

Post by KOYK_GR »

You can download my mod here ... /downloads

Hi all,

I am making a mod called Apolyton, but I don't know if any one will be interested, so I will write the current features(the ones I remember at least) and what I am planing next, and I would like to hear your opinions.

New on this mod (remember it's based on TD)

• super weapon timers.
• "mini" super weapon timers (airstrike ect) can be seen only by allies.
• new red tiberium
• new notification sounds (radio static shhhssszzz hhhsss ect)
• New coop missions with special color palettes! and a new unit who can capture allied buildings and units for times of need(coop only,sorry trolls)
• new level up sound (taken from fallout 1&2)
• new level up icon animation
• weapon impact flashes
• spy logic added to the game
• new nod support power (vehicle airdrop)
• new rifleman that uses grenades against large groups of infantry (i received the condition code from some one, I will add his name if he wants( I know I want)
• new awesome commando icon
• new chemical tank for nod
• new AI target logic (it will hit your super weapons with its super weapons)
• new communication center for nod(recreation of the beta)
• new military fonts


• radar jammer for GDI
• heavy tank for nod
• medic for GDI
• mechanic for nod
• spy for nod
• supply truck for all
• pillbox for nod
• demo truck for nod


• commando available for both sides
• Apache now uses missiles for vehicles and bullets for infantry, ammo can now replenished in helipad again.
• all builded aircrafts will arrive from out side the map instead of just popping from the helipad like a magic rabbit.
• capturing a super weapon will count as an extra super weapon, but you can only build 1, so no more double temple of nod and advanced com centers. just go and cap some.
• super weapon buildings can be seen by the enemy when the placed in the map(like red alert 2)
• nuke timer is now 10 min, and ion cannon timer is now 5
• nuke do more damage with more range(if you get hit by it, kiss your ass good bye)
• ion cannon do more damage and have a bit more range of effect.
• walls have more hit points.
• defenses can be build further away.
• menus are now changed to look like the original game (I am particularly proud for the loading bar)
• infantry type units will leave a corpse for a longer time after they crashed(dune 2 stile,let it rot)
• single player nod palette is now recolored to be "more dark red"
• beacon is now changed to a player colored smoke (that is bounce up and down a little ,sorry for that, I dont know yet how to fix it,but dont worry its not that bad)
• only nod can build rocket infantry
• construction yard build zone is now obsolete, you can expand as far as you like original style (well almost, walls and defenses dont count)
• build order is re arranged (dont remember details)
• buildings\units that haven't meet their Prerequisites will not appear in the build panel (no more clicking the unavailable)
• Advanced Guard Tower cost is now 1500
• APC uses its old machine gun

Well those are all the things that I can remember, I haven't kept any notes when I was modding.

Things I want to add in the future:


• ambient sounds .
• local ambient sounds (example: hear rocks fall from cliffs at random interval).
• building ambient sounds (example: communication center radio sounds).
• footsteps of soldiers (low volume).
• unit radio responses based on enemy units( example will be a homvee saying "enemy infantry spoted" at low volume, when it comes to a visual range with enemy infantry).
• reload sounds low volume( ok I am getting bored typing low volume all the time, it will be low volume for all ambient sounds, just remember that).
• vehicles engine ambient sounds.
• building response sounds when being selected.
• random unit talk ambient sounds.

Navy units:
but larger than the ra counter parts, I am talking about life size here, that you will able to build from naval yards that are pre-placed in the map, so you will have to capture them with units by land, proximity capture not with engineers.
some of the navy units will be the following:

• attack submarine
• nuclear propeller submarine with nuclear tactical missiles(small area of effect)
• navy mines(not a unit but whatever)
• gunboat (the one from the icon from ra but not the actual ship from ra) able to carry an anti sub helicopter.
• a battleship with full armament (anti air and huge cannons)
• aegis cruiser (the death of the sea)
• a carrier from the GDI movie scenes, able to carry aircrafts, and! build hovercrafts with units inside them(you will have in your build panel hovercrafts with description on what units will have in them) also what type of aircrafts you can build on the carrier)
• raft transport for all your commando needs

Research logic:
(will be added once separate resources are added to openra.)

• new resource type: research points
• a research panel (that will take a long time)
• research will work like oil derricks,each player will be able to build a research facility that will generate research points or be able to also build scientist that will generate research points after they enter the research building like in generals with the china hackers.
some of the research that can be done by players will be the following:

• advance power plants that will replace your power plants on the map and enable advance power plants to be build.
• stealth harvesters for nod but with less tiberium storage on them.
• harvester heavy armor for gdi,but will reduce the speed of the harvester.
• upgraded gdi com center to advance com center
• camo net for nod pillboxes
• infantry training for: rank,use of grenade weapons,things that I might think in the future.
• auto repaired concrete walls

The research logic will use research points instead of money to allow tech-up players to have the upper hand on end game time, its money and strength in numbers vs small well trained forces.


• day night cycle for all maps (including random weather if possible)
• ra service depot but with nod symbol
• construction of nod mcv will be from service depot,with animation showing the mcv coming from in side it wile the top of the building will open like a "missile silo door" kind of thing (Conditions will probably needed to disable repair trait,so that will take a long long time until I added it,because of my knowledge on condition traits, sorry if you like the idea).
• some kind of nod sonic boom airstrike, that will kill air units only. I imagine it like this: 3 migs(probably), will come from outside the map, and in mid point between the target and the point of arrival the aircraft's will make a sonic boom sound and increase speed, when closing to the target they will release their rockets(AOE damage) and leave the map.(i would like the squadron split after the rocked release with out passing the point of attack and go left and right and then leave the map,but that its not possible as far as I know)
• swimming animations for commando
• mortar infantry or a team mortar infantry(depends if I manage to make it look good)
• a sniper team or sniper unit (same as above)
• heavy machine gun team,that deploy in to a fortified machine gun "nest" (as above)
• light machine gun unit
• tanks will make more damage to infantry(half if they are prone) and have larger AOE
• tanks with anti infantry machine guns
• rockets will do more damage to infantry(half if they are prone)
• nod rifleman will get an under barrel grenade launcher
• rifleman throwing grenades will be available only to gdi
• sandbags will provide extra armor to infantry and trigger (probably) prone state to the units.
• engineers will be able to cut chain link walls
• chain link walls will electrocute passing through infantry (it will work like visible mines) and cost 1 power to operate per wall segment (so no china wall here)
• nod airfield for multiple aircrafts.
• f22 raptor for nod(if I get permission)
• anti personnel mines deployed by infantry (sudden strike game logic)
• anti tank mines with a mine layer vehicle
• city tile set with urban buildings and roads

faction decorations:

• buildable pavement,
• billboards,
• light sources,
• props.

Game modes:

• maybe multiplayer map mod that will allow to pick civilians and build a village of some shorts that your allies will have to defend for a specific time from the enemy team.
• multiplayer special category mode that will make all nod players use the white unit color from the single player.
• other various map modes like search and destroy (place bomb to 1 location out of multiple),
• kill the enemy commander(will include commander bunkers) ,
• obviously king of the hill,
• escort special unit to a point of the map and prevent the enemy team from capture it and take it to their own point.

after tiberian sun release:
• buildable rails, trains and train stations for transporting units fast from place to place.
• gdi railgun battleship-flagship

Well so far these are the things that I remember right now

Some of them will probably not be added soon and some of them may never be added and that depends on the engine ability and me to be able to learn condition logic.

the list is huge but the truth is that I feel I can make it, tiberium dawn was my first rts game when I was 8 or 9 years old, I love this game more than any other rts game because of nostalgia.

I want to make this game the way I was imagining it as a kid and also add things that are new, and probably I will add any feature openra has or will have to offer.

Tell me what you think about the mod and if you are interested for it, if I read more than 10 comments about releasing it, then I will. And I say that because this mod is more of an add-on than a total conversion mod.

Please post your comments and let me know what you think.

btw sorry for my bad english.




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Post by abcdefg30 »

Sounds like there're some really cool ideas. :) Looking forward to it. ^^

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8 more comments

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Post by camundahl »

Hell yeah!

I really like the random weather idea and maybe that can be implimented into OpenRa mod as option

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Post by KOYK_GR »

A new unit:

the V-22 Osprey!

can carry 1 vehicle or 5 infantry, also brings a free harvester when you build a refinery.

it wont carry around harvesters automatically from refinery to tiberium or the other way.
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Post by KOYK_GR »

I have uploaded my mod (and forgot to mention it here) on mod db, here is the link:
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