Blackened's Naval Alpha Playtesting. 1.01

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Blackened's Naval Alpha Playtesting. 1.01

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Because I admire Soscared's organization I thought I would make this thread to keep a detailed log. Please note this is just a information thread. For actual discussion please post here

Draft Text, colored: Transferred from previous version, Added to current version, planned add-ons, considering.


Game mechanics
Fix "double shot issue"
adjusting close enough feature

Updated Gap Generators properly reducing reveal shroud for ships.
Updated new trait upgrades for current release (I started with the previous release which didn't have this code)


Set tank weight to 2. MCV weight to 3.

Naval Units
Armor: heavy.
InitialStance: Return fire.
increase cloak delay from 50 to 60

HorizontalRateOfturn down to 2
Range: 8c0 from 9c0.
Speed:100 from 85.
None: 22
Wood: 45
Light: 45
Concrete: 500 increased to 1000
Heavy: 57

Detect cloaked: 3c0 form 4c0.

Inaccuracy down from 2c938 to 2c0
Range 20c0 from 16c0

Damage vs heavy up to 50 from 25

Patrol Boat:
Cost: up to 700 from 500.
Detect cloaked: up to 5c0 from 4c0.
Armor: Light (this was changed to heavy in the latest release)

Damage: down to 36

Maxweight/pipcount: 12 from 5.
Cost: 1000 from 700.
Reduce speed to 102 from 113 (Now aware of speed windows!)
LST speed per passenger count:
102 per 0-1 passengers
92 per 2-4
84 per 5-8
76 per 9-12

Remove ability to move up onto shore.
Increase visual size.

Missile Sub:
Cost: 2400 from 2000.
Armor: Heavy.
Revealshroud: 7c0 from 6c0
Cloakdelay: 120 up from 100.
Detectcloak: now 6c0 from 4c0.
TurnSpeed: 5 from 3
Drop to t2 tech level.
InitialStance: Return fire.
Speed increased to 77 from 42
hp increase

Reloaddelay: 100 from 60.
Range: 10c512. Range: 15c512
Rangelimit: 12c819. Rangelimit: 17c819.
Removed contrail and left smokey.
Speed: 150 from 170
Damage: 50 from 30. Damage: 60

Reloaddelay: 80 from 60.
speed decreased to 235 from 245
Damage: 45 from 30.

Add PT boat to both sides or create Sea Scorpion for Soviets.

Add 10c0 stealth detection to sub pen/shipyard.
Increase healing rate by 50%
Reveal Shroud increased to 10c0 from 4c0
BuildTimeSpeedReduction: 150, 100, 75, 50

Defensive Structures

Civilian Structures

Support Powers
Add sonar pulse upon infiltration to Tech Center.

Current map list:
(Plan on adding direct links to all for individual download. Map pack will be attached at end of post)
DCF (the original version)
Alpine waters
Thai bay
Polar Disorder
Winter Storm 2
Ensio Kaivo
Doubles Islands 3.5
Tournament Island
Island Conquest
Bombardment Islands
Six Below Zero
Unconventional Warfare
Duel Islands
Isle of man
Blackened Naval Playtest
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