[RA] Harvester full/half

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[RA] Harvester full/half

Post by Harisson »

Hi guys,
I was really surprised, when I first time saw half loaded harverster. It's really helpfull information, but sometimes you can't see difference between half loaded and empty harv, because you only see tiny dark yellow pixel in cargo part.
So I tried make better appearance, but i'm not sure with result.
What do you think ?
half and full loaded harvester
half and full loaded harvester
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Post by umairazfar »

I think there should be more ore in the fully loaded miner

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Post by BaronOfStuff »

Looks fine to me. As long as the colours for the minerals in the back don't use those palette index numbers which are remapped to player colours (and it doesn't seem to be the case), I see no reason why this shouldn't at least be an optional alternative to the original 'what is all this black shit I'm mining?' Ore Truck SHP.

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