RAMod in-game interface modifications

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Vulpine Complex
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RAMod in-game interface modifications

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I originally started out just wanting to change the build tab icons, and then this project just snowballed into a complete overhaul of the UI. I'm shooting for the look of a well-worn metal equipment that would most likely house the EVA unit (Or whatever you want to call the RTS interface ;) ) in the spirit of Westwood skeuomorphism.

Looking for comments and suggestions. Right now I'm really trying to figure out what to do with the power bar - I tried going for a vacuum tube ala RA1 but I just couldn't get it to look right. I also tried a digital readout-esque screen, though it seemed like something that would fit a lot better in TD. So now it's a scratched up metal conduit.


Far left - Stock Open RA - Mid Icon test including defense 'wall' icon - Right is second test with preliminary radar and power graphics. I was playing with the colors of the indicator bar for power and I ended up having it blend with the background. Oops!

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Maybe have a Horizontal gauge? I know normally on Generators and such it would be a Dail moving along the radius of a Semi-Circle. But I think a Horizonatal gauge would look good, just replace the Colored segment with a single black line, and the background with a white with the dail lines

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