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[RA-Mod] Real War

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This mod is going to be focused on infantry movements supported by artillery and armor. Defensive structures are much harder to penetrate when they are supported by infantry. The price of tanks and aircraft is greatly increased. due to how resources are handled it may be wise to assign a team mate to handle the majority of resources. Then using trucks he can send resources to his allies.

This mod is supposed to encourage the players to build fortresses instead of long lines of buildings to reach new ore. Players will also need to protect villages they capture from the enemy. Agents(formerly known as Engineers) now have a better use as they are needed to convince civ's to pay tax.

I am working on adding more information. Stay Tuned!

Major Changes - input would be greatly appreciated.
-Everyone's MCV will generate cash periodically. only when deployed
-Civilian Houses and churches generate money... if you capture them you will get that 'Tax'
-Oil derrick's can be found to fund your war effort.
-refinery's price increased. Miners will be nerfed. refinery's can generate cash over time like an oil derrick. Refinery HP reduced.

-Aircraft cost alot more but are stronger.
-tanks cost more. Firepower increased slightly. Tanks also have Machine gun mounted.

I am only planning on modifying the current 2 factions for starters.

Rifleman Replacement
-Marine [allies]: heavily armored well equipped(replaces rifleman for Allies) slower due to armor. Costs more than Soviet Counterpart

-Conscript[soviets]: Almost no armor and armed with an AK(replaces rifleman for Soviets) Faster than marine due to low armor. Cheap

-Medic[allies/soviets]: no changes planned(other than available for soviets)

Rocket Soldiers
-AA/AT soldier[allies]: Armed with Stinger missiles for air and Law rockets for anti tank

-AA/RPG soldier[soviets]: Armed with a 9K34 Strela-3 and an RPG-7

-Agent[allies/soviets]: Replaces Engineer... Agents are used to capture strategic points on the map. This can be oil Derrik's or enemy buildings. The agent can also 'convince' Civies to help fund your war effort

-SPY[allies]: changes not yet determined
-KGB SPY[soviets]: Similar to the allied counterpart

-Dog[allies/soviets]: eat some spy

-flamer[allies/soviets]: no changes

Eliet Soldiers
-Green Beret/SAS[allies]: replaces Tanya(why does one gal keep coming to life? dats dumb)
-Spetznaz[soviets]: replaces volkov. these guys are simmilar to the Green Beret/SAS but they dont have C4
-Sniper[soviets]: to come later

Jeep Like


APC/transport like




-Mammoth[soviets](because i cant say no to classic)

more info to come soon

-yak[soviets] anti infantry/anti tank. maybe replace with an early mig variant thats close to the SHP's look
-Cobra[allies] anti infantry/anti tank

-Mig29[soviets] anti building / anti air
-F16[allies] anti building / anti air

-Apache[allies]-anti tank / anti air -armed with at rockets
-Hind[soviets]-anti tank / anti air -armed with at rockets
-A10[allies]-anti earth

-Chnook[allies]-armed with machinegun
-Hind trans[soviets]-armed with machinegun

Bastion Wall[allies]
Bastion Bunker[allies]- i have seen these in screenshots but dont know where to find them.
concrete wall[soviets]

Last Remarks
If you have any shp's you would like to make for this mod feel free to!

-Needed resources
[ART] Spetznaz
[ART] Green Beret
[ART] Bastion Wall
[ART] Bastion Bunker
[ART/Voice] KGB Spy

-Known Bugs
Airplanes land on Heli Pads?

Credits(this uses some shp's from the following):
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Post by Nukem »

I contribute my sniper unit

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i have the bastion walls on my harddrive. they do not have damaged frames done yet though

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