Shellmap scripts and Splashscreens

And a Dune 2k question.

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Shellmap scripts and Splashscreens

Post by Nelax »

So I've been working on a little mod of mine, but I wanted a new loading screen. So I got the source code and basically replicated what the Dune 2k mod was. I might want to note, I'm not much of a coder, but I can understand some of it. Anyhow, the assembly works fine for its purpose but only when coupled with the RA assembly. I'm just kind of curious why, the shell map change works fine and I don't mind the multiple assemblies.

Anyhow, on top of that, I tried to make a shell map script based off the default. I needed to change the call to use AttackHeli instead of AttackPlane (I'm trying to replace the MiGs with Longbows as I replaced the rest of the red Allied stuff with Soviet stuff). However, it appears to be protected. I'm just curious if there is a way to fix this or a way around it. I suppose I could just merge my assembly into the RA one since I'm not planning on using it from the source.

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Post by Matt »

I recently made the Red Alert loadscreen customizable with just YAML settings: ... .yaml#L104 so you don't need to create a whole new DLL just to copy and paste code to replace hard-coded values for background images and text. For the menu background game loop you should have a look at ... s/shellmap because that is the future proof way to make it: with Lua scripts.

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