[MAP] Under Cover


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[MAP] Under Cover

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(UPDATE V1.5 Rebalancing & Revised)

This page is Obsolete (And needs deleting) to aquire the Map, view this topic -> http://www.sleipnirstuff.com/forum/view ... 316#280316

Name = Under Cover
Type = Interior
Players = 2
Ore/Gems = No
Oil Derricks = 24

Ground? = Yes
Sea? = No
Air? = No
Can AI play? = Nope, Human Only

Paths to base = 3
Artillery Danger = More than likely, LOL

First Interior Map, Ideal for Ground Units only, for 2 players, large walk ways, for several assaults, my first medium map

Ore Refinery & Silo have been Removed
Missle Silo Removed
Soviet Command Center and Allied Research Center Replaces Refinery
Oil Derricks are none destroyable
Oil Derricks Does Not Count as a Base, other than provide you Income
+$50 Per Oil Derrick

Credits to Hamb for his help in Fixing and help balancing some new tec

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Post by Sprog »

please post a pic, im personally picky about downloading files without any pictures.
yum, carebear soup

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Sure thing, gimmi a moment

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