Some Questions for CNC mod

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Some Questions for CNC mod

Post by ps3 »

1.How to change the color of laser weapon?
2.How to add a Helicopter stay on the Helipad when it is completed.I try to write like following scripts:
Actor: TRAN
SpawnOffset: 1,0
Facing: 96
Then I found SpawnOffset of the Helipad center is (0.5, 0.5).If I do this,It will crush.
My idea is that the building is finished, the GDI get an Apache,and the NOD get an Orca.What should I do?
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Re: Some Questions for CNC mod

Post by riderr3 »

ps3 wrote: 1.How to change the color of laser weapon?
This is not listed in yaml's. May be change and compile sources?
Laser color is depends on player color. Anyway, it's must be a option to choose between OpenRA variant and original red color

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Post by chrisf »

To set the color (eg to green), put this in your weapon definition:

Color: 0,255,0

or, if you want the player color:

UsePlayerColor: yes

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