[map][ra] Spearhead [1v1]

A rehash of Soviet Mission 2A

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[map][ra] Spearhead [1v1]

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Here's my first attempt at a playable RA map that isn't completely useless/lopsided. I imported the original SCU02EA.ini file, removed all pre-placed campaign objects, then expanded it slightly to include a few more points of entry that were outside of the original borders. I also added more minerals and some Ore mines to keep some level of income possible to avoid deadlocks/stagnation.

Despite looking vast for the size, the resources are fairly limited and a decent cashflow won't last long (although Ore will regenerate), so making the right decision at the right time is paramount to winning!

I've only tested this one online a few times but with received good feedback, and the AI generally puts up as much of a fight as usual but will often bleed itself dry of funding FAST.
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