Dominating mode for the default game.

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Dominating mode for the default game.

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I need coder and sprite maker....... im only good in making Concepts and layouts

So i make many pics to explain what i mean because my english is crap.

so first an example of an domination mode (DOM) map (you see the Minimap Radar):

what you see is that the map is cuted in areas.

the size of an DOM map is bigger as an normal map.
1vs1=96x96=random 12~14 Areas
2vs2=128x128=random 16~18 Areas
3vs3=192x192=random 20~22 Areas
4vs4=256x256=random 26~28 Areas

The Areas can be take over by everyone they dominate the area flag.
Every area has an flag.

This flag spawn far away from User spawn points AND it has for every areas 4 different spawns for itself.
That means when you play a map very often........ the Flags are every time at an other place in there areas.
Thats protect the map to be going boring.

So when you will take over a Flag you must came in his range: ... rrang.jpg/

But only special units or high credit cost units can dominate a flag.
This protect the map of rush victory with low cost or fast units.

this happend when a special unit take over a flag that is neutral: ... rbyre.jpg/

this happend when the dominate status bar is full: ... edred.jpg/
(the color is always the player color)

this happend when an other player take the flag back: ... rbybl.jpg/

1.Every Area has 1 flag
2.In every Area the flag can spawn in 4 different places.(its random)
3.Every Flag with your color give you points and credits.
4.Every flag can give you 2~6 Credits/secound.(its random)
5.But every flag gives you 2 Points/secound
6.To win the match you must has the most points after ** time or must killed all enemy units and buildings and has the most points at end or must dominate all flags of the map(in the last win scenario the points are not important to win)
7.kill units and buildings bring you allways 1 point/unit or building (barbed wire and concrete wall give you nothing)
8.The time of the round or max points must be an option before the map start.

This concept is not planed as an map mod
i think its a tactical mode for the default game in the future ^^

all i need are a coder and a sprite maker..........

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