[MAP - RA - 7p] - Unfair Advantage

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[MAP - RA - 7p] - Unfair Advantage

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This map is designed for an odd number of players: 2vs3 or 3vs4 (or even 1vs2).

There is a number of map-related modifications to standard gameplay:

1) The weaker team (which is supposed to start from the three northern positions) have a capturable, undestructable Missile Silo inside their base.

2) Missile Silo is unbuildable.

3) Fake War Factory and Fake Construction Yard can be built from both Allies and Soviets.

4) A handful of unit cost variations (Medic, Tesla Trooper and Tesla Tank are rarely used: they're now cheaper).

5) Silos cannot be used to expand buildable area.

6) Chronosphere recharge time is now set to 5 minutes.

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