Path finding, fixed in openRA?

Is the original game breaking horrible path finding fixed in this version or is it like the EA re-selling version?

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Path finding, fixed in openRA?

Post by gimmikan »

Hi, wanting to know if the original game breaking bugs / bad coding has been fixed in OPENRA.
The question is sincere, I would like to play RA again but the EA remaster was a big letdown when I found all the frustrating things were not fixed at all.
I'm mostly interested in knowing if path finding was fixed, to be honest since it was frustrating and stupid, making "no building" missions almost impossible and general stupid AI makes vehicles go the worst possible path always. No need to remember the harversters suicide path finding going into enemy bases alone if possible. Hell... most of my play time was about rushing to rescue my stupid harversters.

Please be sincere.

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Re: Path finding, fixed in openRA?

Post by Blackened »

Openra is a completely separate engine from what the original RA was made on. Pathfinding is worlds better in openra compared to the original. The devs just recently released a dev test of the next release that even further enhances pathfinding as well as numerous other improvements.


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