2022 devtest builds

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2022 devtest builds

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While there hasn't been a release in over a year now, development has not stalled but continued steadily with over 500 merged Pull Requests. As usual, we publish this pre-playtest build to the Forums and Discord first, in the hopes to get some early feedback and testing. Any reports of bugs or unexpected behaviours are appreciated and will help us fix critical issues before the next public playtest.


You can find the devtest builds directly on GitHub or download them below:
Windows (64 bit): Installer, Portable zip
Windows (32 bit): Installer, Portable zip
macOS (note that these builds are not signed and will trigger a Gatekeeper warning)
Download for Linux: Red Alert, Tiberian Dawn, Dune 2000


This build contains several big changes under the hood:
  • Toolchain and runtime changes to .NET 6
  • Networking changes to improve behaviour in low-latency and stalling games
  • A new pathfinder model
  • Support for translations
Some of the directly visible new features and improvements include:
  • Adding support for filtering chat notifications and adding transient messages
  • Measures against spamming and flooding
  • The ability to mute players
  • Support for disabling the chat in replays
Notable changes for mappers and modders include:
  • Automatic map reloading in the background
  • Including the map preview in the map versioning (map hash)
  • Loaders for more audio formats (e.g. mp3, ogg), and formats used by the remasters
  • Improvements to the assets browser, including the ability to play audio and view voxels
Of course there has been the usual amount of bug and crash fixes, as well as performance improvements. If you're interested in the full changelog, it can be found on GitHub.

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