max zoom button? 'satcom', and return key

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max zoom button? 'satcom', and return key

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So I know if you open OpenRA you can select a few view screens. If you just try to use the mouse wheel, you get stuck at the maximum setting in your options.

I thought, what if when you built the radar pen or the satcom center (it seems like you might need an office building for this capability to be realistic) , you can press a keyboard button to zoom you out to maximum view, kind of like bringing up a bigger version of the minimap up in other videogames (i.e. natural selection 2 has a minimap but if you press a key it shows a big more detailed version of the map). In team games having this keyed might make it so there is more rapid counterattacks from noobs and things that make the game generally more fun.

What I want is to be able to type "Z" or "press Z now" to warn people of stuff thats going on, i.e. flamethrowers sneaking behind base.. I think if you increased awareness it would decrease the amount of cheese in the gameplay, but have it still feel like red alert, and allow for detailed close up micro that the game is about (working on max zoom sucks).Beacon + space is OK, and that could be improved too if there was a return key, so if you press Space to get a beacon centered on your screen, so long you don't move the screen around too much, it would be nice if pressing another button (i.e. alt) bring you back to where you were looking before you hit space.

I think a major problem with complex RTS games is idle units not doing anything (it makes spectating annoying too if there is forgotten soldiers), and that higher default zoom out is NOT the solution (its punishment to play in such a mode all the time IMO). I feel like I have too much paper work on a desk or something. When there is squads just pounding beers next to a major battle its a real realism and engagement killer... (so those soldiers don't hear artillery explosions like 100 feet away?? *cough* afgan army *cough*)

I am not the one to play on 'farthest' settings for a slight advantage at the expense of my eyes and fun, but being able to use this feature in small amounts in a rapid manner would be great and allow me to play the game in a enjoyable way without making a 'sacrifice' of my enjoyment to increase gameplay performance.

7 minute ragequit MCV hijacking games got kind of old, when you play a 4v4 and someone just drives a jeep with engineers and captures a base because someone cannot navigate the map is really fustrating, it takes 10-30 minutes to get a big game going, then the game is shorter then the wait because of situational awareness problems. I know I am not going to get more people to play with if I say "well you need to play on the highest zoom setting noob', because 'ant mode' for 45 min is NOT fun, and the mouse wheel is not what you want here, it needs to be like a rapid overlay. And its not like you want to nerf sneak/base destruction attacks, since its the spirit of RA, but I think its almost noob blind spot abuse, given how the UI works. I just know for a fact though if you change peoples zoom, they play better against cheese strategies, but generally seem to do worse in precise micro (i.e. artillery encroachment, helicopter sniping (dodging base defense to within 1 square), moving in a covered armored column into a defended area, etc)

I could probobly rig it up personally with macro programs.. but it seems like it should be a standard feature..

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Re: max zoom button? 'satcom', and return key

Post by Alex »

Interesting suggestion, this deserves more attention and discussion.

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