Dune 2000 Multiple Mission Objectives Bug (?)

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Dune 2000 Multiple Mission Objectives Bug (?)

Post by Danjaman »

Hey, loving OpenRA and atm Dune 2000 rework, brilliant reliving that classic.

I was playing Atreides 03a andI had 2 mission objectives, to harvest 5000 solaris and also to wipe the Ordos. I managed to collect the spice required then the mission went to the complete screen. Is that correct, I though I needed to then go on to complete the second objective or was it a 'do either' situation?

Thought I'd post here incase it was a bug I honestly can't remember that sort detail from when I played the original..


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Re: Dune 2000 Multiple Mission Objectives Bug (?)

Post by Sleipnir »

Eliminating Ordos is a secondary objective to the mission, which means that it isn't a requirement for completion. These secondary objectives are a new addition in OpenRA to add some extra replayability compared to the original game.

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