It's been forever

Just an oldbie saying, "Hello."

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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It's been forever

Post by CoNiGMa »

I'm sad to see that the old Sleipnir's Stuff forums have officially closed, but I'm glad to see the community is still alive and kicking. It has been way too long. I see is gone too. I was having a nostalgic trip down memory lane and figured I'd check up for old-time's sake. I see the Pusskyfly emotes are still in style. :) How has everyone been?

For the oldbies that may still be here, you may remember me as "CNC_Network".

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Re: It's been forever

Post by DVoid »

The red alert community is doing well. There are plenty of players up for multiplayer games online and the academy helps out new players too. Let's hope it keeps doing well for a long time yet.

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