Less micro more strategy

Since time began, RTS's have focused on micro and clickspeed over strategy. Simple and fast beats intricate and tactical every time. OpenRA could help boost overall strategy.

Discussion about the game and its default mods.
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Re: Less micro more strategy

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I want to point out that the suggestions you are making are not as radical as some people here would like you to believe. You are definitely not the first to suggest them and we already have issue trackers open for them on github:


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Re: Less micro more strategy

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Demigan wrote:
Wed Aug 05, 2020 6:46 pm
The logical endpoint is not a turn-based strategy game. The logical endpoint is a game where strategy and tactics would be more important than the ability to select and move units.
I don't get this. Tactics is entirely based around how you select and move units and removing that element would objectively make the game less tactical. Micro is almost synonymous with the term tactics from a battlefield point of view. The logical endpoint of putting the emphasis on strategy is Nexus Wars from SC2 (which also exists as a TD mod) and the endpoint of tactical emphasis is Dawn of War 2. Currently all the ORA mods have a balance between strategy and tactics that I think is more beneficial than tipping the scales either way.

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Re: Less micro more strategy

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If I understood correctly, OP would like the emphasis to be on decision making rather than mechanics, so that there would be more energy available for the mental aspects of the game, so to speak. While it would sometimes be nice if the gameplay was less hectic, my main concern with the suggested changes to increase automation is that I think this would actually give more advantage to the players who are already mechanically advanced, rather than leveling the playing field. At any rate, RTS is a genre where you can never completely get rid of the need for speed. In that respect it's more akin to a physical sport than a mental sport.

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