AI bots too hard

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AI bots too hard

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I am new to the game, well I played Dune2 back in the days but not much C&C. I am casual gamer and I find "Turtle AI" a bit challenging. Is there even more relaxed mode? :)

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Re: AI bots too hard

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Can you maybe be more specific about what you struggle with? The turtle AI is supposed to sit in their base and wait for you to attack, mostly. Are you battling to destroy the AI base? Do you get overwhelmed when they send units to you? Are you unsure of how to build a base and a decent army?
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Re: AI bots too hard

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I think a simple solution is just to build more harvesters, you wanna get a minimum of 4 before producing army. Though you can definitelly produce some earlier, you just need to know the limits and not stall

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